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Politicians, Debates and Schrödinger’s Cat

I just thought of something, if politicians were prohibited from alluding to a scenario involving Schrödinger’s Cat -metaphorically or otherwise- it might actually save the world economy a ton of money and time spent in syndication, thus disallowing them to pander fears and ideas that exist only by those same politicians’ own descriptions.
Schrödinger's CatIf you didn’t understand what I said:

    1.Please go find out about Schrödinger’s Cat.
    2.Understand the application of this theory to modern political asshattery in the media.
    3.Watch the debates again.

or as an alternative you can:

Drink more Kool-Aid.

Anyhow, it occurred to me tonight, that buried within most of the rhetoric and banter between candidates in the GOP debates, these guys directly allude to Schrödinger’s Cat in one form or another.

…My example is as follows:

…Pandering to the idea that the cat is dead and might still bite and scratch you…or maybe…the cat’s alive and out to steal your freedom as soon as it’s released. Worse still, the idea that someone actually KNEW there was a cat in the box AND gave it poison. Is that person criminal? How do we charge them?

…you have to remember…no one knows if the poison even affected the cat. Yet…we’re going to allow ourselves to be guided on a crazy journey of how beautiful this poor little cat was and how we wish it were still alive…

…then we’ll be guided into how we’ll hold responsible the horrible man that put that poor cat through such a horrible ordeal.

…then the media will make it worse by sensationalizing the state of the box that poor poor cat was imprisoned in.

…then we find out that some country that we have a some strategic or financial interest in supplied the poison.

…by the time the politicians are finished inspiring us and protecting our national interest in the cat…billions of dollars are allocated and we’re going to stop that country from ever poisoning cats again. Because that’s what they are. Cat killers.

…it gets worse. we are informed that an small extremist group of fanatics (who it so happens don’t even know what a cat is but believe the U.S. to be responsible for all the problems that arose from poison boxes) intend to place cats in boxes across the U.S. and poison them. With a fervor that shakes the world economy and eventually accounts for a truly scary portion of the national deficit, we eliminate and destabilize those horrible cat killers.

In the last ten years since things have become REALLY crazy and scary, the loss of innocent life in the last decade makes me saddens me to the bone, the effect of profiteering at the expense of our economy has sliced my income in half and even then, there are a lot of people here far worse off than I am, and yet the politicians got their salary increase and kept their benefits while the people they likely misrepresent to satisfy special interests and lobbies start to become a little more aware of the practice.

…and now comes the time where we have the opportunity to decide on which leader will be most capable in making sure the box is never opened again, the poison is never produced again, and the cats never die.

After repeatedly making laws that serve the big business and the financial block, we begin to realize that we have far more to fear and distrust in those who represent us in the government. All the candidates are either viewed as proven failures, proven liars, proven crooks, proven loons, even worse…proven inexperience.

…debates rage between potential leaders regarding the dead cat, the unclean box, and looming threat of yet another poison.

…we are told we have to remember what’s happened historically with cats, boxes, and poisons, and that the party that wants to make antidotes for the poison just in case isn’t a priority because the cats all of a sudden are jumping into boxes. Worse still, we’ve found out that a nation that hasn’t attacked another nation in hundreds of years suddenly hates Geiger counters.

And so the debates are still going now. They are getting more and more poignant and the candidates are fighting already, the tasteless commercials depicting candidates as faithless lunatic crooks are in full swing. Again, we begin to loose faith as we realize that the current electoral, media coverage, and campaign system will not allow the US to rally behind a single leader ever again…even if they deserve it.

The worst thing of all. For the last umpteen years, we’ve had to listen to politicians earning a living and invariably stressing information about a cat that never existed, a box that we never owned, a poison that actually was never created, and lastly a Geiger counter that was never really necessary.

Maybe you’ll get it. This isn’t about which GOP candidate can beat Obama in an election (if that’s even possible coming election time). This isn’t about all the dirt you see in commercials and advertizements. It’s not about who’s got some truly radical ideas (in every sense of the word).

I think it’s more about your own priorities after you’ve managed to filter out all the crap they’ve been feeding you about the idea of Schrödinger’s Cat.

Thus ends my rant for the evening.

For everyone returning to my site after everyone on the internet got a 12-24 hour taste of what kind of effect SOPA/PIPA will have on the US-based netizens, you can find a VERY clear and descriptive article on what SOPA and PIPA are on Wikipedia. So far the very best (and maybe the most objective) description of what the bill is about.

Take care and good night.


PS – Ignoring the lines starting with … will serve as a shining example of what I was trying to point out.

How to lose control of your country…

I don’t really know if there is or was a turning point.

I think it’s slowly been creeping into our nation’s backbone since the Great Depression.

As individuals, as citizens of the United States, we are losing the power of our own individual vote.

The reason? Not simple, and certainly not easy to digest.

The ability of of non-citizens to contribute financially to ANY political figure (or potential political figure) is a clear method to utilize propaganda and advertizing techniques to win an election.

I don’t think this is in ANY manner a level playing field. The Supreme Court just opened up a new venue by which Special Interest and Lobby money will now get their own little shopping spree. That is, businesses may dedicate money in political arenas directly to engage voter opinion. This tactic was just upheld by the supreme court.

Overruling two important precedents about the First Amendment rights of corporations, a bitterly divided Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections. –Adam Liptak, New York Times


The question is simple. The answer is a mess. How can we as a people justify allowing businesses ANY influence in our voting process, and I am SO including campaign contributions in this question. The interests of businesses should not be given one iota of leverage in the political process, just the same as religious organizations.

Seriously. WHAT THE FRAK MAN?! All the businesses turning this beautiful country into a financial playground need to stop and think. The constitution does NOT provide the rights of a citizen to business entities. In that spirit I simply say, that if a business cannot operate in this country within the scope of existing law, the business is by definition unfit, we need not give a business, specifically BIG business, any venue by which it may influent any political process. That is the duty of the government representatives by way of the voter, not by way of the big businesses wallets.

Unfortunately, somehow we have very directly started giving business MORE freedoms than the it’s own citizens, they sure as hell are getting more tax breaks. But my biggest concern is again the floodgates opened by the Supreme Court today.

The Supreme Court on Thursday handed a new weapon to lobbyists. If you vote wrong, a lobbyist can now tell any elected official, my company, labor union or interest group can spend unlimited sums explicitly advertising against your re-election. –David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times

I have to think of what this means. I don’t actually need a slippery slope. By permitting this, we have lent businesses and special interests our very First Amendment rights of free speech. I have a HUGE problem with this. It’s one thing when a person buys a hundred people dinner, gets on a podium, and motivates a bunch of people to vote for a specific individual. That is NOT what we’re talking about. We’re actually giving big business and special interest the green light to financially squash opposing politicans and their campaigns.

Did the supreme court just decide to stop acting in the interest of it’s people and instead apply an interest in defending business based on the rights afforded citizens by way of the constitution? The answer on that is simple…hell yes they did and now we’ll have a decade of businesses continually inserting themselves in every big action by the government. WAY TO EFFING GO!!!

This decision should seriously transcend political party..well I think every government decision should be made regardless of party, but the last couple years show us clearly that dems and reps both have led us to ruin by allowing businesses to affect the stability of a nation. Instead…somehow…we come to the conclusion that business can not be regulated in the amount of money the apply towards political elections.

I never thought I’d say this. But our judicial branch has embarrassed me. The people of the Supreme Court are supposed to be the epitome of common sense and the last bastion upholding our freedoms. Instead, you give just decided businesses are the same as the citizens of this country.

Bunch of effing useless lobby lackeys you turned out to be.


I am trying to gather more information regarding today Supreme Court antics. If you happen to run into any PLEASE send them my way.
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TONS more links as the nation reacts to the decision

Oh and FOX News, you are officially absolutely useless. Every news organization on the continent is publishing about this Supreme Court ruling. All you can do is write one little paragraph about what the white house reacted with rather than what the Supreme Court just did. What bunch of retarded sell-outs. Readers can see what I am talking about HERE