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Another three years of waiting…

…to finish reading what is quite possibly the longest, most addictive, literary series I’ve ever read (thats saying a lot).

It seems in order to truly finish this series properly, Brandon Sanderson is carrying Robert Jordan’s torch through another 3 novels. It’s not like I’m not already used to this, specifically regarding this series, the same thing happened with Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn by Tad Williams. Williams made the audience wait a full three years to finish it, pumping out a humongous book easily on par with the largest Wheel of Time volumes.

But you know what, I am not bitter…there are thousands of books I want to read…so if I have to read a few others while very impatiently waiting for Mr. Sanderson to finish this up, no biggie…since I need to read all of his stuff beforehand so I am not totally miffed at the transition from Jordan.

Details can be found at DragonMount.com

A Memory of Light…

A Memory of Light is the twelfth of the Wheel of Time Series…a legacy series that spans not one, but two authors now. Brandon Sanderson has been given the honor of completing the series, after Robert Jordan passed away last September, before completing the final novel. More details around the novel and it’s environment can be found at a site that does a far better job of answering questions on Wheel of Time than I ever could:


This is a big deal. Imagine reading a series with so much characterization and twists that it makes Middle Earth shallow and depthless (which it isnt in the least, so you’ll understand what I mean to imply in the statement).

I love the title of the last Novel though. It’s inspiring. 😉 Since the botty trolls peruse everything I publish here I will leave the inspiration at that for the time being. Suffice to say that I am…inspired…and happy…the series will finally see closure. Fans of the series have been waiting, reading, rereading and waiting for it…for almost 20 years (first book was published in 1990).

If you get the chance, you have the opportunity to read 11 very large novels before the final one is released next year….I highly recommend it 😉