Not sure where this one came from. Jotted it down about a month ago but didn’t get it here until after getting back in town.Still not sure what it actually means to me despite the fact I wrote it.

…but then again…that’s ME 😉

Opening a half blind eye
looking for a picture of poise
of the grace not to say
a fully blind eye to the noise…

The half blind eye
we grieve for that loss
of what it cannot even see
and what falls away from the cross…

half of what is seen
we try to know
to understand and glimpse
what the universe will not show…

always shed a tear
for the half blind eye
for what it does not know
it claims to know why

Catching sight of half the morning
missing the warmth
missing the life
yet powerful in in the retelling

you see with a half blind eye
you’re only getting half my life
you’re only seeing half my smile
and only feeling half my pain.