Mornings suck.

You know whats worse than waking up in the morning?

Waking up, discovering that you’ve won $300+ off the lotto….

…then 40 minutes later finding out you didn’t win squat 😉

…I’d already spent that money in my head too :)

Hope everyone else’ morning goes far better.

Dont be fooled by morning grogginess like Tony!!!

Wish I Stayed

Performed by Kate McGill (cover of Ellie Goulding song)

Now I’ve only been listening to @katem3 for a couple months, but I have to say she’s taken some pretty scary songs and made them something to really listen to. As usual I am picky as hell about the music I post here…but this was spot on.

Now after listening to that…she told me a little while ago that she didnt even know all the words to the song.

You can find Kate McGill HERE and HERE.

If you like listening to acoustic jam. She will not disappoint.


Why he loves living in New York :)

Little mini-funny about living in New York by @WhoIsTheBaldGuy

Can’t help but laugh, this video is so true 😉