More LameSauce for Joe Wilson please.

Whosoever would gain financial profits for being out of order in a Presidential Address…

If he were President today.

…I think said jackass should donate said money to a charity.

CNN:Wilson becomes Republican rock star

It’s one thing to be outspoken.

It’s entirely another to monopolize financially from being disrespectful to the President of the United States.

All the jackass was saying is there is no system in place to restrict illegal aliens from receiving the healthcare implied in the bill.


straw man. some people should read more….a whole lot more.

Drew Carey ups the offer: $1 Million for 1 Million Twitter Followers.

He is doing it again!
As I mentioned earlier HERE, Drew has really turned on the heat for his offer to entice everyone on Twitter to follow him.

He is now offering a million dollars for the @Drew handle (you should follow him at @DrewfromTV)

He is now offering to give @Livestrong (also known as the Lance Armstrong Foundation) if he gets 1 million followers on Twitter by the end of 2009.

If you were on this bandwagon before, now would be a good time to get on…if would take like 2 minutes of your life and it’s for a good cause.

Drew Carey Ups Twitter Name Bid to $1 Million
Exclusive: Drew Carey Ups The Ante To $1 Million
Drew Carey Ups His Bid For Twitter Account “Drew” To A Cool Million
Drew Carey to donate up to USD 1 million for @drew Twitter ID
Drew Carey looks to bid $1M for @Drew Twitter handle

Mornings suck.

You know whats worse than waking up in the morning?

Waking up, discovering that you’ve won $300+ off the lotto….

…then 40 minutes later finding out you didn’t win squat 😉

…I’d already spent that money in my head too :)

Hope everyone else’ morning goes far better.

Dont be fooled by morning grogginess like Tony!!!