Best Case I ever used in a rig…

This was a review I left on Newegg…because it deserved it.

The Corsair 730T

Everything is metal, and not cheap metal. Like a .22 round will only dent it.
Case is grounded out – it isnt advertised as such, but mine has been hit with more than a few hot lines…never touches the electronics.
Easy-access on both sides is soooo NICE.
You can park a Chevy350 in it, and still have room for the blower.
The stands are high enough off the ground that mild flooding will not ruin your life.
No mamsy-pamsy windows on it, stays cool and doesnt show how much dust accumulates in the $5000 machine you built 4 years ago.
Tire-kicker modders shut their face when they see it.

It doesn’t do my dishes.
Only has 4 built in USB plug in front, I needed 16.

I would recommend it, but Corsair for some reason hasn’t produced any of these in 3 years. I would have bought 20 more of them for future builds if I had known they werent going to manufacture them anymore.

**This post was a random thing, obviously not a paid thing 😉 -T