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Vilifying people for being people…

overconfidence - when you assume you can make people be more or better without their consent.

Bad things happen when you expect the world to exist according to your whims. πŸ˜‰

Don’t expect heroes, but encourage them.

People are going to be people, it’s great to hope they’re going to be amazing, but you’re setting your self up for disappointment if you expect consistent social acceptance or heroism. It’s great to hope for it. It’s even okay to help people be their best version of themselves, thats what people do for each other right? I guess maybe its the pragmatist in me that is also saying “If you tell them its mandatory they are going to flip out.”

That’s pretty much what happened according to SFGate

About 15 years ago, I came up with this awesome program to drive engagement and improve public perception of the work my team was doing. 2-4 times a year we were going to shine. A few times a year, we were going to, instead of a regular work day, help on Habitat for Humanity builds. You can call it what you want, helping people, teambuilding, character improvement, improving public awareness was my gig. You would think this is a really cool thing. So many good people on our teams, amazing people. But you know what…half of them we’re pretty pissed off. You see some people arent here to do anything but what they want. Its a fact of life. They arent evil though.

The level of consideration it takes to prioritize something that does not directly or tangibly benefit people over their own wont is actually pretty considerable. It’s not bad manners, it’s not poor social engagement…it’s just their prerogative is not aligned with whatever you’re intending. Everyone seems surprised when some employee that makes mad money doesnt want to do something he or she doesnt want to do. Doesnt make them a bad person…just means they dont want to do something.

But what happened on our little Habitat program? My people @#$%ing 100% revolted. No joke. I had to actually sit down and remediate my own @#$%ing program because of it. I lost friends over this, no joke. The program completely flatlined and my awareness and charity program fell apart.

Learning this the hard way wasn’t fun.

Regardless of the workload, the type of work, or the character of the people affected…you will find a boundary you dont want to cross twice even in requesting something small, like asking for help loading office supplies. In new york, you can’t even get on a damn latter to do something yourself, you have to hire a damn porter($40/per hour for dude that climbs ladders) and if you dont you’re open to a business-killing state case against you because porters unions lost wages.

In today’s banter it’s about someone who (as an engineer) doesnt want to have to make food deliveries for a delivery service we ALL use…seems like an abstract but it isnt. People dont want to do what they dont want to do, and I will go so far as to say even if its helping people. So an engineer the makes bank doesnt want to do a delivery for Doordash. Doesnt make them evil, yall.

But now lets say DURING COVID said person that drives almost never gets told they have to go out and deliver cheeseburgers because of some corporate policy. I would say no too. Its not like lives are on the line, and I know damn well it doesnt make me evil.

Fast food isnt an essential service. So corporate policy or not, there is an argument here that maybe its not exactly the time to be telling employees they have to go out into the wild and risk exposure so that someone can get their wings on.

Yes its probably an unpopular opinion, but its not like its someones last meal, we’re talking about a company policy that really has no place in our current social safety outlook.

Having in the past required people to help build houses periodically for families that dont have homes 4 days a year taught me alot about human nature. Stop expecting everyone to be shine like a rockstar. Hope for it YES…but expecting if of them pisses them off.

I write rants like this occasionally under the tag “No More Stupid” if you want more. Dont hold your breath though I dont post often πŸ˜‰

Be amazing to one another.


Starcraft 2 Lamesauce made funny.

The video says it all….

Political Lamesauce and How to keep it from sullying your opinion.

I’ll be the first one to admit, I am sort of a political outsider.
I have some pretty strong opinions on what should be done by the government and what roles it should play in our lives.
This post isn’t being made to feed anyone’s fire, but there is some common sense in following a leader I think many people need to re-evaluate.

Here are some rules and guidelines I follow in determining who I vote for:

1. Know what you want in our future.
I am pretty solid on what I want in my future. Without grandstanding, simply put I am a minimalist. There are exceptions, but that’s it plain and simple. Figure out what values YOU want, and stick to your guns. There is no moral sacrifice in voting. You either want something enough to vote for it or don’t want something enough to vote against the guy promoting it. Abstaining is a concept that has zero effect on our nation except to further other peoples values.

2. Know your choices in politicians.
This is the HUGE mistake everyone makes. Dems vs GOP…blah blah blah. None of them are in the same boat. Traditionally there are some lines drawn between those two parties because of lobby ties (like gun control and abortion etc). You should look past the party ties here. Write your local politicians. Ask them where they stand. ou can even use a canned letter detailing your concerns. I have received responses that are FAR more educational/enlightening than anything the news could or would provide in this manner. Believe it, they write you back…well unless you happen to have a website that might hurt their cause πŸ˜‰

3. Don’t be an ass! Get out and Vote!!!
If you are of legal voting age, you have no excuse. I usually get involved with some programs to reach out and booth voting. If you have kids getting close to that age, show them the ropes, make it a part of their lives, etc. Just saying, this is an area where everyone should be leading by example.

Now if you’re wondering why I am writing this?

This morning I woke up and was reading my feed. A local Republican I was actually following had linked something that was VERY out of character for him. I went to the link and it was a mudslinging article against a local Democrat. This was the first time I’d seen this guy subscribe to this tactic…especially since the article was published by a blog rather than a legitimate news source. If it had been a local newsgroup etc this would have been different, but a little half-assed website that looked canned was publishing it with NO REFERENCES, and the contributing author is using a YAHOO email account…how funny is that?! essentially what I am boiling down is that the linked site is bullcrap. It’s a site without credentials, and most importantly designed to give the feel of something legitimate that it isn’t. I am not going to reference the site, and I will NOT endorse it, but I am going to keep watching it and see if they publish ore inaccurate articles. If that continues, then I will just start responding to them with articles of my own on the same topic…and I guarantee mine will see more readers πŸ˜‰ Oh…and that local Republican just lost my vote too.