My Heart (cover by Kate McGill)

Originally by Paramore

I am normally content to embed audio into a flash player for you all, but I think Kate brings a bit more to the table (and she doesn’t publish raw audio ;). I am ten times more interested in the heartfelt words and sonet from a talented woman singing in her bathroom than I am in listening to the horribly washed studio edits you tend to get shoved into your ears. SHe’s good, and in alot of cases, she puts a completely different direction on song…alot of which I wouldnt have listened to otherwise 😉

I know I know…I am being a big softy and not being the hardcore critic. Here’s the difference. One girl singing in her bathroom is managing to sound better than alot of the crap I am hearing coming out of the studio…’nuff said. Have a listen. Who knows you might like it! *grin*

We could sing our own, but what would it be without you?
this is for a girl called Megan, who requested this song in memory of her best friend who died of brain cancer… :( i hope you’ll be able to pick up your guitar soon.
-Kate McGill

Kate’s Blog
Katem3 on YouTUbe

What you didn’t know…

Europe’s “The Final Countdown” is my ringtone.

…I am that cool.


More LameSauce for Joe Wilson please.

Whosoever would gain financial profits for being out of order in a Presidential Address…

If he were President today.

…I think said jackass should donate said money to a charity.

CNN:Wilson becomes Republican rock star

It’s one thing to be outspoken.

It’s entirely another to monopolize financially from being disrespectful to the President of the United States.

All the jackass was saying is there is no system in place to restrict illegal aliens from receiving the healthcare implied in the bill.


straw man. some people should read more….a whole lot more.