The holidays are finally over!!!

And it’s back to business…

I have a new workout program…

I am gonna start training for more full-contact stuff…

And maybe…just maybe I will get up off my arse and spend some time with my family…

Sophomore Year in HS

Some guy from my class (at LH) ran into my profile in MySpace and all of a sudden i remembered all this crazy stuff that happened that year.

I will just paste it…this should be fun for readers.

Hah! maybe this will help.

I was only at LH for my sophomore year. i spent a majority of my time in Ms Hogue’s art class or getting high and skipping. Because of a bad transcript error from my previous School District, I was forced to retake 4 classes I had already aced the year before, so I blew the school off for the most part and essentially tried to get the hell away from the school.

I lucked out in a few ways, as my deplorable actions in and out of school forced me to take another placement exam, which after the scores were released allowed me to threaten a lawsuit on the RISD and DISD for ruining my attempts at entering college early (and getting ahead on classes).

Now some interesting items…
A: I was in fact a total outcast in my sophomore year.
B: I was totally enamoured with Tiffany Featherstone (I think that was her name) and never had the balls to tell her and stuck it out with my gf for the year before.
C: The highlight of my time at Lake Highlands was someone freaking out and telling everyone when he found out I did actually have a girlfriend and exactly how far we had gone in the sack on a regular basis.
D: During gym practice that year the cheerleaders decided it was cool to practice in the gymnastics area and totally distracted me, I planted totally wrong after an arial on the rings and hyperextended my knee in a very bad way. Since I had only a couple people in the school that i would even speak to willingly I ended up dragging myself to the nurses office instead of getting help. (You know…I was too proud to ask in front of LH’s finest ;)
E: Sometime that year, I got into a tangle with a guy three times my weight and twice my height in the courtyard over a stupid cigarete during lunch.

Anyhow, as far as people I knew…I talked to Hunter and Tiffany on a limited basis during art class, ate lunch with a group of like minded stoners on a regular basis, and generally kept to myself. My history teacher hated my guts because i rarely showed up at her class ( I was on B lunch). I wasnt allowed in the computer lab after the staff found out I got in trouble with computers the year before on Skyline’s Mainframe. I only remember a few people’s names from that year.

Now, one might think I regret that school year, but if it hadnt happened, I probably would have gone through the next couple of years learning what it was like to live it up.

Anyhow, nice to know someone else made it out of that school..;)

Picturing me as a grown version of the person described above would be a sore mistake. While in high school I totally blew it off because I found out how little it was going to matter once I hit College. I played hard and tried to live life like it was my last day. I was neither clean, nor was I entirely nice at LH. Again, it was a long time ago and I was a whole 13 years old when i started my sophomore year. I learned a lot about people that year, and wouldnt trade it iin for anything…err…well…okay…I would have tried hard to ask Tiffany out…but thats it.


Argh…I go off for a weekend and come back to find myself on call for a week…and even worse…Buffalo lost a game.


BUFFALO 11-0-1

BUFFALO SABRES!!!!It’s these small things in life that make for awesomeness ;)

Max is interviewing for a kewl job. I am now totally miserable with the flu. I hate not having cable while BSG and SG1 are running in “new episode” mode. I finally got the dates to take my trip to florida in January, this should be fun ;)

Oh yeah…and Buffalo has the best stats in the NHL. Freaky eh?


Its that time again…

Blaise is working with me on another habitat for Humanity gig and we’re going to shoot for doing it on December 9th or 10th. This one should be waaaay more popular than last years as last years people were the ones we held at gunpoint to help…this year…we have actualy volunteers!!!!

Maybe this year i wont have a broken arm too ;)


Who would have known…

10 – 0…SABRES BABY!!!!!

I love it when everyone tries to say my homies suck…then they have to deal with a whole season of getting their asses handed to them…and then me rubbing it in…;)

Happy Halloween!!!!

...I will answer the phone. I finally got my blogger running.

And all i have for the moment is this.


Eventually, i am sure that this site will get more in depth and truly relate to all this Tony-ish, but for now, feel free to comment away.


Tony’s Nostalgic Music

How often do you hear a song that inspires you to overcome your yourself? I think I first checked this song out in like 98 or 99. I didnt like it much at first because I identified with it a bit too closely and didnt like it that my own slef identity was so easily pluggeed into a few verses of a song by a band that no one hardly knew existed anyhow. Regardless after a few times I eventually decided I like the song (I was already hooked bad on the band). And felt it was almost an inspiration to listen to before I set out to save the world ;)

Well it’s been a few years, I havent quite finished saving the world, but I have a few things to be pretty satisfied about and decided to listen to the song again.

Here are the lyrics, I highly recommend the band as well.

Kiss My Disease
From Virgos Merlot – Signs of a Vacant Soul


Birthday 2006!!!!

Too much fun!!!

So my birthday went off without one hitch…

I got more birthday  well-wishing than I have since I missed my own surprise birthday party in like ’98 ;)

I had a horribly expensive lunch with loads of old friends at Fogo.

I got loads of affection. No kiss…no tell…just lots and lots of thank-you’s.

I got enough spectacular fighting and pointers in one Amtgard event to last me another year ;)

And finally, for ignoring my dietary constraints, drinking, eating at least 4 pounds of meat with only gatorade and alcohol to wash it down…I got the worst arthritis attacks in my life.

I can barely walk. It hurts to even look at my foot. And it’s not likely to get better for days.

I wouldnt have it any other way. I had a blast ;) I just wish my meds worked better. ;)

The River…

Stupid Kids and Stupid Dares…