Thoughts for the day…

Clues, if you dont have one, buy many so you can catch the hell up.

People are sheep until they are taught to be wolves. Dont blame society for its wolves…we wanted them that way.

I have found commonality with millions of others…in a zen moment…I have discovered I hate my job. Not because its hard or troubling, but because it’s easy, gives lots of vacation time, and pays enough to keep me from looking anywhere for some time. Some would call me a nut, I would call me too comfortable…I am learning to hate comfortable.

So i have set a record…

i have now removed my deplorable journal entry habits formed after college.

what does this mean?

well, this IS my diary now…sortof.. ;)

Silly enough, i kindof like having it on my own domain rather than some popularity contest like MySpace.



Even more missed friends.

Primerro was an inspiration to all of us.
A man I would have at least liked to shake hands with one last time.

You will be both honored and remembered bro.


The Drums of War

Amtgard was an absolute blast…prepping for Springwar and seeing soooo many people getting ready for the event gives me the warm and fuzzies.

The Sacrificies we make…

Somewhere along the line, I swapped a shift or two and now I have to work on saturday morning :(

Woe is me.

Not really, but it does make my day rather busy.

More missed friends…

Man, wierd day. A friend of mine had a stroke two days ago.

Spent the entire day hanging out with him and Jason and his wifey and friends at the hospital.

I miss those guys. Hopefully everyone will be okay, specially Sam.

Missed friends…

Its been absolute ages since she and I have hung out. But Lodi and I exchanged a couple messages online recently so i gave her a call. Hours later…we’re still BS’ing on the phone. She is a friend I have forgetten I had, and I also forgot how much fun it was just to listen to her and have discussions. Her monologues are made of the stuff most men hate, fear, and respect most…intelligence, intelligent criticism and loads of justified opinion. Me? I love a good debate and dialogue. regardless of whether or not its about me.

She has a kid now and we’re all grown up and civilized versions of the crazy-ass people that introduced ourselves to each other. missed having her around though ;)



…and no…I am not doing a commercial.

My student loads are out of default!!!!!!


New for the month of March!

A debt-free Tony.

Two Amtgard Events, Spring War and Rising Winds Coronation.

A blog site with lots of cool additions and the ability of my friends to log in and heckle me.

Gallery works for posting but look funky for the straight gallery, my php and css abilties must be honed to a razor edge to improve this….must be patient.


Yeah stuff…