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The truth about the U.N. Arms Treaty – RTFM or STFU

Shocking - Tonytown.comSo I’ve been hearing about this off and on for over two years….that the UN Arms Treaty is signing away our right to bear arms. If you want the really short version: not in the least does it restrict U.S. citizens the right to keep and bear arms, it’s that simple.

Now if you need more truth…I’m going to summarize the UN Arms Treaty a bit so we can all rest easy and stop reading all the crazy articles that are telling you our freedoms have just been signed away.

1. In the very first page of the treaty it reads:
“Reaffirming the sovereign right of any State to regulate and control
conventional arms exclusively within its territory, pursuant to its own legal or
constitutional system,”

2. Our trade restrictions and regulations for arms trade are already very strict, however the effort is made relatively moot by the existence of international brokers that are able to maneuver around U.S. trade restrictions legally. This treaty effectively obligates US states to participate in adopting trade regulations on par with the U.S. to prevent arms from being traded where member countries dont want them traded internationally, this is a good thing for countries whose citizens already have the right to keep and bear arms…but for the countries that don’t, this will choke the shit out of criminal organizations looking to reload and/or stock up.

3. The treaty places a trading oversight process that is ALREADY in effect in the U.S. but will be far more useful for other countries that are seeing human rights violations due to excessive access to arms. The treaty does not cover individual states commerce with its own people, with the exception of people already about to get their ass hung out for human rights violations.

4. There is a loser in all this. It’s the gun manufacturers, because even if new venues are found by the brokers, it will cost lots more to dodge multiple countries that just the U.S. regulations.

4. I totally understand if you don’t feel my words are enough, so I’ll just link the treaty here and leave you with some very sound words of advice:


Oh, and have a GREAT Day


About Douche-Bags

I’d just like to apologize to the many people I told would be seeing more traffic here.

A lot has gone on. I moved in with one of my oldest and best friends. Been working like mad.

But…most importantly, I simply found myself only POed about one thing.

There is this absolute loser in Austin that had EVERYTHING, the gorgeous loyal and awesome smart wife, and awesome kids, and a great job.

And to serve his own lack of self esteem…started beating them, and ultimately, emotionally abusing them into feeling like no other options were there. Now if you guys have ever seen what I get like when presented with a crying woman whose just told me she’s been hit by a guy…

..I will never sit idle and let such action occur…ever. It might take me days, months, or years…but I will not sit idly by and allow even a chance for it to continue.

That said, the smart and awesome wife mentioned above, she’s a far more popular blogger than I am…and because of the divorce…she’s not even allowed to post to her website.

Yes…I am totally considering the road trip down there to have a little chat with him and educate him on what I consider to be nothing less than karmic reaction on a cosmic scale.
Yes…she’s already involved the police, they refuse to act, even though he’s already been busted for abuse and isnt even allowed to be near his oldest child at all.
Yes…she’s going to ream him in the divorce.

But unfortunately it’s not stopping him from liquidating everything they own and refusing to pay for any bills on their home. He doesn’t lift a finger to take care of the kids, and will not even make sure the kids can eat. He’s effectively cut them off from all finances and made sure she cant touch anything, and staying in just enough range of the judges graces to stay out of jail. He’ll only pay utilities when they’re getting disconnected. He’ll only pay when motions are files and the judge says “do it or jail”.

So yeah…he’s a piece of work. He went out and bought himself a new luxury car but cant help pay for his kids clothes or school supplies.

He is that kind of man. Nothing short of a pillow biting coward.

So here is what I am going to do. I am going to keep complaining about it here. In public.

And when the divorce is final…I am going to name him clearly on every single post I ever mentioned him in, so that no one else ever is caught near him unaware. His is a wife and child beater, with zero sense of parental instinct. If I ever get the chance, well…lets just all hope it doesn’t happen.

That’s it…rant over…at least for now.


Ever wonder…

…why I always said that guy my mom married after we moved to Tejas (when I was a kid) was such a chode?

I could go over the very long list of abusive things he’d done directly to my mom and I, but quite frankly my memory is rather vivid and reliving most of the worst events in my life just doesn’t seem fun right now. What I will do -however- is treat you all to a very recent taste of the jerk…the loser…the criminal…the asshole…that was married to my mom, was the sole instigator in trashing most of my youth, and who apparently wasn’t satisfied with wasting mine and my mother’s lives.

Read this ARTICLE, then this ARTICLE.1

To be clear everyone…this guy is not my real father. Please don’t confuse the two. The person referenced in the article linked is Joe Cruz Martinez, who married my mom shortly after she and I moved to Tejas.



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  1. NOTE: The links provided here do not work anymore because the newpaper in question has archived the articles and charges for access to their archives. HERE is that link, you can read the articles on the asshat there if you like.