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The List

A long time ago, my friend Rob (aka Loki) and I began a list.

It was a list of people that simply needed to stop existing within our world…in any capacity. We had one rule..think globally, act locally. Essentially it’s a standard of friendship that mandated people we kept around us had something to offer the human race at some level in a positive manner. This offering could in fact be overshadowed by continued lack of morality, lack of self-respect, lack of respect for others, no respect for freedom, and/or worst…an inability to understand and thus modify their impact on the world.

The people that by virtue of existence, action, or personality provide the worst examples of human beings. An epitome of what we as growing and open-minded individuals, should either avoid or endeavor to re-educate.

Come on…you know people like this in both directions…most politicians…Dentists in Highland Park…jerkoff sociopaths in Austin with zero self control…people that change lanes without signaling…people that jump in your lane and slow down…people that get in your lane at all…people that think it’s cool to give things to their loved ones and take it back when they get mad…people that buy Audi’s and don’t bother paying for their kid’s food, boarding, or even clothes…people that have sex in your bed and deny it later…people that don’t accept you for who you are…people that think that change is impossible therefor not worth the effort…people that don’t courtesy flush…people that look up hookers on their wives laptop…

You know…those people.

So, if you have someone that really deserves to be on The List, feel free to send me all the dirt at thelist@tonytown.com.

About Douche-Bags

I’d just like to apologize to the many people I told would be seeing more traffic here.

A lot has gone on. I moved in with one of my oldest and best friends. Been working like mad.

But…most importantly, I simply found myself only POed about one thing.

There is this absolute loser in Austin that had EVERYTHING, the gorgeous loyal and awesome smart wife, and awesome kids, and a great job.

And to serve his own lack of self esteem…started beating them, and ultimately, emotionally abusing them into feeling like no other options were there. Now if you guys have ever seen what I get like when presented with a crying woman whose just told me she’s been hit by a guy…

..I will never sit idle and let such action occur…ever. It might take me days, months, or years…but I will not sit idly by and allow even a chance for it to continue.

That said, the smart and awesome wife mentioned above, she’s a far more popular blogger than I am…and because of the divorce…she’s not even allowed to post to her website.

Yes…I am totally considering the road trip down there to have a little chat with him and educate him on what I consider to be nothing less than karmic reaction on a cosmic scale.
Yes…she’s already involved the police, they refuse to act, even though he’s already been busted for abuse and isnt even allowed to be near his oldest child at all.
Yes…she’s going to ream him in the divorce.

But unfortunately it’s not stopping him from liquidating everything they own and refusing to pay for any bills on their home. He doesn’t lift a finger to take care of the kids, and will not even make sure the kids can eat. He’s effectively cut them off from all finances and made sure she cant touch anything, and staying in just enough range of the judges graces to stay out of jail. He’ll only pay utilities when they’re getting disconnected. He’ll only pay when motions are files and the judge says “do it or jail”.

So yeah…he’s a piece of work. He went out and bought himself a new luxury car but cant help pay for his kids clothes or school supplies.

He is that kind of man. Nothing short of a pillow biting coward.

So here is what I am going to do. I am going to keep complaining about it here. In public.

And when the divorce is final…I am going to name him clearly on every single post I ever mentioned him in, so that no one else ever is caught near him unaware. His is a wife and child beater, with zero sense of parental instinct. If I ever get the chance, well…lets just all hope it doesn’t happen.

That’s it…rant over…at least for now.


Brain Dead Burger!!!

Okay so my friend Mike and his son Austin decide to see who’s going to win…

Austin, or the Burger from Hell….