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10 years old…and I am still here…

10 Year AnniversaryPeople still ask about “Hold No Virtue.” I try to explain it as this. Being virtuous isn’t something to be aspired to or cherished, indicating a material value at some level and thus will be withheld in lieu of fear of loss. Virtue doesn’t belong to the virtuous, rather vice versa…the virtuous are just being good. To hold on high someone that is good is part of the mistake, as I think it should be the baseline for how we interact with one another. I simply think that we have it within ourselves to be better without handing out prizes for it.

Now…as for the “Tonytown” part…well I am happy to say that wasnt actually my idea…

…and then Rob says with that crazy grin,
“HAHA…She’s about to get a free ride on the skinboat to Tonytown!”

It’s funny considering how this all started. I was just starting to tinker around with hosting and just starting to get my sea legs back on the unix of things, and wanted to convert what journal entries I had left to a digital format for later reference. I’d been tinkering with domain usage and an old friend Rob had a saying about me referencing the term “Tonytown” I knew that would be the perfect name for this. The really funny part is that I had assumed I was using the c2/cafelog right (which I wasn’t), and was making all those journal entries public instead of keeping the journal entries private.

…you see there are things you just cant live down, or laugh at. But that is it, the origin of how this all started. I went from accidentally posting all my entries and memories…from Dancing with Death and mentioning (and getting called out on) high school crushes, and even accidentally leaving a homemade rss aggregator running so well that I was getting more traffic from other bloggers articles than they were getting on their own posts.

But it’s always been fun. It’s always been an enabler for me to speak my mind on the subjects that even some of my close friends aren’t comfortable discussing. It’s enabled me to grow what was a hobby into a skill, and even more into expertise. At one point I even labelled myself a giant dork for having such a hobby. 10 years of WordPress (in all its incarnations), 10 years of expression. This little piece of internet real estate was my true enabler. It let me groom and cultivate the world…all colored lovingly in my rarely humble opinion.

10 years…and I own a successful IT company rather than worry about the 9-5 grind.
10 years…and now I’ve met all the wonderful bloggers, writers, and people that inspired me.
10 years…and now I own my own hosting company…not just one little blog.

…and this was very likely the first little step.

Cheers interwebs! Happy 10 Years of putting up with my nonsense!


I’ll walk away from Facebook for supporting CISPA.

You all know I am incredibly big on freedom of information and the U.S. government really seems to be drinking some cybercrackpot’s kool-aid again. Because here we are again and it hasnt even been a year.

As it happens, the next incarnation of SOPA, called CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) is slowly creeping up on Capitol Hill.

…and once again, only a fraction of the proposed legislation has the interests of the American people behind it.

The rest of that legislation is geared toward holding companies blameless and granting them permission to submit personal data to the government without court order. This includes texts, email, private messages via social media…essentially most of the communications mediums we use privately are now suddenly available to the big business to use.

The Young Turks presented a very good explanation of the legislation and point out some incredibly important details that you should be aware of.


If you want to read an overabundance of views and peoples’ reactions and opinions on the matter, I STRONGLY suggest you check out The Debate Club because of the raw amount of information present. I will also point out that for some inexplicable reason the only people promoting this are those representing big business.

Essentially it comes down to this. Facebook doesn’t want to get in trouble for giving the government carte blanc to their information. Neither does Twitter. Now any other corporation. However that’s apparently where that sense of importance ends. As long as they arent held liable for invading our privacy, they simply stop considering it an invasion of privacy.

And thus we come to this little tidbit…

Nothing you say or do online should ever be considered secure, safe, or private. You can take all the precautions you want, but the bottom line is that the government will never back down from making online activity fully trackable and accessible. A worse turn will be it impact this has on free speech. Too many people have been conditioned to fear first and question freedoms after their lost. This legislation will allow companies to attempt to silence individuals without proof or due process.


So, that’s basically where I draw the line. I will publish 100% from my blog and own my own information and only promote forums where privacy is respected, not just alluded to.

Here’s my idea. Omit the 60% of the bill that allows private companies to be privy to our information and remove the guarantees of non-liability. I bet these companies work one hell of a lot harder to clean up their content rather than simply saying “not my fault!”


Elric…the Movie!!!!

I know…I know…everyone’s like..”Who? What?”

Elric, the main character of ~14 novels, a product of the profound imagination of Michael Moorcock…is finally getting his chance on the big screen. Michael Moorcock has been publishing best-selling literature about the Eternal Champion for almost 50 years. The Eternal Champion (of which Elric is but one incarnation) is an entity bound by fate the bring the universe in balance in the eternal struggle between the forces of Law and Chaos. The Elric Saga is VERY recommended…this isn’t your colorful rehash of Dragons and Heroes. Elric is not the good-guy-hero of the typical fantasy novel. He is an Anti-Hero, was born weak of stature, and often wracked with a sickness that reminds my of what would be a supernatural and incurable case of tuberculosis. The wandering Emperor of a supremely powerful and decadent race quickly realizing it’s exodus from the world, Elric’s only respite from his horrible sickness lays within the not-so-benign graces of a Sword rumored to be as age old as the Gods, and rumored to be capable of sustaining the wielder regardless of injury.

With only this little tidbit…you may realize this isn’t the kind of story with happy endings…the one great thing about Moorcock’s work is that you can count on there never being a “Happily Ever After.” His sagas end with the hero’s end…and are in all respects tragedy.

So…now that I have touched upon the literary addiction of those Eternal Champions…I am very happy to have just found out (albeit late) that Universal Studios, in conjunction with producer Chris Weitz (screenplay writer of Pullman’s The Golden Compass), are beginning the process of bringing Elric to the big screen. This has been a big dream of mine…to see Elric through the eyes of his creator.

I have concerns though, Chris Weitz’ association with Golden Compass bought him the ire of a very large amount of Christian activist groups who were already on their own crusade against everything Philip Pullman has written. Even the Vatican got involved denouncing the film and novels (Golden Compass is the first of three) as directly and intentionally anti-Christian. The novels associate the Christian church with an all-powerful regime in a sort of alternate reality where the Church is the reigning power of the world, and is convinced that the existence of other worlds directly jeopardizes their power. Philip Pullman himself is a very vocal Atheist, and the His Dark Materials trilogy reflects a very different view on religion as a whole, with very obvious events of portent related to events from Christian biblical texts. Even though Weitz went so far as to utterly remove the references to the Church in the movie, the aforementioned Crusade denounced the movie, severely hurting it’s revenue in the box offices as Christian sheeple everywhere took the advice of all those groups and would not see nor allow to be seen the movie…it’s probably one of the biggest events of censorship I’ve ever seen. Note to all you would-be activists…regardless of your spiritual denomination, if your faith is threatened by a publication, your faith is already in question. If you count the contrivances of fictional theatre as a serious threat to your faith…it’s your choice not to see the movie, no one is forcing you to…but to forbid people from viewing or reading said content in any capacity is censorship.

Anyhow…back to my shiny happy thoughts…

Elric…the movie…YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re interested, most of Moorcock’s works are actually out of print now…this will not last very long, as the movie promotion kicks in you can bet re-releases will follow, but for now it’s easiest to use Amazon to find good deals on the novels (there are like 40-50 novels by Moorcock). If you need a bibliography for Moorcock, I like to use fantasticfiction.com.

Happy reading, and a toast to what should be a truly powerful upcoming film!