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TonyTown.com - Our Deficit is still no good!

Why you should still be worried about our economy.

There is a link floating around on Facebook citing data from the CBO saying that the federal economy’s deficit is on a downward slope. The problem is that 5% of the real findings were taken out of context and if you’d read the whole thing, you’d know why none of the politicians are bragging about it.

Read the whole thing, it will be a quick lesson on economics and math and why you shouldn’t base your political leanings based on FB posts unless they cite real data…say…like the CBO’s findings. Which cooincidentally places blame on ALL of the politicians, not just your trusted party.

To give a sense of how much deficit reduction would be required to reach an illustrative target(not a recommendation!):Suppose that policymakers wanted to reduce debt from is current 73 percent of CDP to its 40-year average of 38 percent, and to make that reduction of 35 percent linearly over 35 years – that is, by 1 percent of GDP per year.

To achieve that goal with policy changes that phased in over time would require changes that save nearly $2 trillion over the coming decade.


Please watch the full presentation HERE at CBO.GOV

So stop pointing the finger at Republican and Democrats, because we’re the ones that voted these guys in and let them ruin what was an economic titan.


No More Overtime?! Really?!

tonytow tony hunt gets angsty

Some things just absolutely tick me off.

So today an interesting string of articles came up on my radar: an initiative to abolish overtime pay for hourly laborers. I know a lot of you are like “WHAAAT?!”

Initially, I was even like “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!”

Why? Because that money I like to have when I’ve been working for over 40 hours a week.

That was my initial line of thinking because as an individual, overtime pay has helped me through a lot of rough spots. It allowed me to avoid having to get a second job more often than not. But now that I am running my own company, I see immediately where the government (de)regulation here will remove an absolutely HUGE burden on many many employers here in the U.S. and allow a LOT of staffing opportunities to occur.

This type of legislation will definitely rock the boat, but not necessarily in a bad way. At first I was skeptical because of the impact it has on workers that rely on overtime. Then I realized that this only applied to employees who actually get to work over 40 hours a week (with a few exceptions). Those hit the worst on this type of legislation are union workers, whose inflated salaries are a HUGE drain on employers. Followed up by contractors used to gouging on time over 40. After that…well…it’s not actually that bad.

Here’s the kicker though. This potentially saves employers a TON of money. The reason companies dont like overtime in their service process is because it literally throws profitability in the shitter. Work-related accidents happen more often to employees working over 40 hours per week than those that dont. This affects disability, and workmans comp insurance. Immediate affects are seen in shared tax and compensation responsibilities. Essentially, businesses that dont have to pay overtime are far more likely to be able to employ their staff more, or allow for more staffers based on this (de)regulation.

Dont get me wrong, I love overtime, but to be honest it causes more pain to employers that it’s worth to the employees getting the extra pay, and allows companies to staff better.

Are there arenas where this may be a catalyst to working overworked people even more? Absolutely, but this tactic is already used and a TON of companies already dodge the overtime bullet by deliberately misrepresenting positions as exempt job types when they are nothing of the sort.

Anyhow, I am really curious if this is just another smokescreen platform to get us riled up while something else is pushed through or if it’s like SOPA/CISPA.

Article from the Daily KOS
Opposition Article from PoliticusUSA
HR 1119

Healthcare reform and the next generation.

Now to start off, this kind of rant is likely to rankle even a few friends noses…but if you’re reading this, there are things about my point of view that are bound to encourage tip-toeing around argument or comment. Please don’t do that in this one. If you think I am wrong, cool…say so, and say WHY.

We have a new generation. Smarter. Better education. Infinitely healthier. Better sense of true freedom. Bottom line, helping to our youngest generation doesnt exactly mean “helping themselves.”

They are also angry.

In the last 20 Years…we’ve picked up the torch left us by by the big protests…

…racism is only taught by the what we consider the dregs of society.

…sexism is no longer about women’s rights, but about whether people can be together as a couple and the same sex…the most stupid and inane article of…LOL…government involvement ever gifted to those of us in the states…you know…the ones that supposedly enjoy FREEDOM. We as a people have a whole lot better things to do that to worry about who is allowed to be married…sheesh.

…teaching the truth is finally starting to become more important in education than feeding publishers afraid of casting a different light on our history.

…and at the center of it all is an attention to the youth of this country, and a response that can NOT be ignored.

Now. We have an entire WORLD of examples of how healthcare works, and how it doesn’t. It comes back to stabilizing insurance practices, creating universal records, and making healthcare available to everyone.

Proponents are the ones that arent worried about the money, because they see more people getting the care they need. They think that money is an illusion and the less we concern ourselves with it the less effect it will have on our government. making money less valuable makes enemies of every financier in the world. This makes good ideas crumble to dust.

Protestors are the ones crying “SOCIALISM IN THE US!” like a bunch of idiots. Got news for you, the only people that know socialism in the US are the ones that have made it here from China and North Korea…i.e. virtually NONE of you.

Let me tell you what I think.

I think that our healthcare system only provides to those with the means to trade for it in cash or loan.
This will not do.
I think that our youth sees this as an injustice, and will quickly act to make a difference, in election career, or deed.
More youth will get involved.
I think that the regular practice in the healthcare industry of nickel and diming the insurance companies should be every bit as criminal as actual fraud.
A healthier youth means a less fiscally attractive medical profession as the need for emergency care levels off.
..and finally a government figurehead that’s willing to try to get something to improve the status quo.

And again the youth…who have to sit there and watch us gibber away like idiots because everyone that voted for Bush…ever…is feeling pretty damn stupid about now.
So much that they can only make fun of a president that is now having to deal with the poor decisions of the last decade.

So ask yourselves what YOUR kids think of the jokes you make about our President. Try to explain to them why you continually throw borderline racist jokes out at work under the impression we arent going to be offended.

Ask yourself what’s YOUR solution. Seriously. If your only solution is to bitch about whoever is in office, you don’t even deserve an opinion. Stop voting. I wont even mind if you’re complaining the rest of your life if you just don’t vote. Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should vote, under the premise that they are capable of objective and considerate deliberation leading them to a sincere and educated view. Yeah right…

Tell you what.

You know it’s not as much about my being so liberal it makes you cry.

It’s about the continual racism and lack of forethought in presenting a viable stance on WHY you’re totally an idiot about anything having to do with progress. It’s effing okay to waltz into another country and albeit subjugate a hundred thousand people in the hopes of incarcerating a few hundred, but heaven forbid we make mandatory electronic medical records or identification. It’s okay to ignore the pleas of more than twenty starving countries because we’re too busy creating an enemies for our children to fight.

DO you think I am talking about YOU?

I am talking about thinking globally and acting locally. Many of the nations largest humanitarian organizations make absolutely no effort whatsoever to make a difference in their own country. What does that say about us? Is it that we’re indifferent to our own? I just want to slap everyone playing a party ticket instead of forming educated opinions. Stop arguing politics and argue solutions! Stop being a hateful asshat because you’re so inbread and cant see that the current president could have already done FAR worse in continuing ANYTHING affiliated with Bush’s administration that we didn’t have to. Instead of being an example in our own neighborhoods, we’re ignoring them and spending all the time we can away or outright ignoring local issues.

I had to get THREE xrays to get one tooth pulled because the local dentists insist that their XRay were better than the previous ones.
I got stuck for an MRI that was seriously $8000 more than the average cost of MRI’s because of a stupid recommendatin that this was the best (it wasn’t i checked when I got stuck for the bill).
So for all you people crying FREEDOM!
You damn well free to pay for mt damn MRI. It’s YOUR opinion and vote that makes this ripoff possible.

okay rant off.

Really ticked off. If this legislation had come through when Nixon, or even Clinton had tried to get it working, I’d be in a MUCH better place now financially…probably healthier to boot.