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Hello…you’re waving the wrong flag

flagI have this thing about flags. Specifically, despite all my criticism of our current government policy and leaders, I really hate it I see people protesting here waving another country’s flag. It doesnt matter which other country, it just drives me nuts that people are waving another nations flags in our streets.

Obviously I am not without reason on this, these people feel motivated enough to carry and demonstrate something that symbolizes their goals and/or outrage.

When I see the flags of other nations flying with thousands of people in the streets, I simply get the impression that these people are so effing unhappy or angry that they would raise another coutry’s flag. The impression to me is that they are saying they support another nation over our own…and I suppose this is where I draw the line.

Yes…we’re just talking about symbolism, but to me it’s a very big statement. Not insomuch that people are rallying against the US within it’s own borders, everyone should have that right, but to confront our own people, law enforcement, and/or military waving another country’s flag just makes my arse twitch. Why? Because i’ve always had the impression that that flags symbolism held enough meaning and hope that people would use it as their symbol when they want change or desire greater freedoms. To use another flag suggests a huge lack of confidence in your own country.

This is the impression I get when I see it, and it makes me want to lecture these people on why exactly this isn’t solving their problem/cause as much as it likely to be segregating it from what everyone that isn’t protesting feels.

Anyhow…end small rant. And yes, I am going to be writing lots more…there is simply too much stupid in the world for me not to comment on it. 😉


It is amazing…

…just how much you can change your life in just one week.

It’s that step in the right direction, -you know- the one that you recognize to actually be a a hundred steps and and even few for mankind in general. Yeah THAT one kind of step.

You start seeing a destination and plans manifest within a strong sense of clarity.

…and you think you just might be able to live happy. That’s what it’s all about right?

Some people are all about travel, or making the biggest ball of twine, or eating the most hot dogs.

Me, I am going to be content with kids and a wife/girlfriend that won’t draw a knife across my throat while I am asleep. You might think I am joking. I’m not – it happened.

There’s more, the financial stability to be a family, and at the very least give my mom the opportunity to be a grandmother.

I want to cook for lots of people, but on my own terms…

When I talk about it here, it just sounds like I’m daydreaming but what I’ve actually planned and laid out is a real process by which I just might be able to pull off having my own little patch of happy.

…and all the time there is even more confidence in knowing I am very likely not going into this adventure alone.

I know I am being one of those guys I bitch about all the time…the master of vague generalities, but the truth is the scope of this plan includes some pretty proprietary ideas that might just create competition and…well…c’est la vie. 😉