If you’re an ex, you need to read this…

…and even if you’re not an ex, you might still something.

Yaknow…I have to start this quick rant by saying…I honestly feel blessed to have been in the relationships I’ve been in, and to have met, called friends and regarded as loved ones some of the most awesome women on the planet. Seriously. You all know who you are and should be smiling 😉

…but every once in a while “people” pop up (by *people* I mean women with a weird obsessive grudge and some sort of creepy need to cyberstalk me) that really make my arse twitch.

For example…when random people(see reference above) from the past leave anonymous comments on my blog. It’s uncommonly easy to pick them out.

They almost always do the following:

  • Use old nicknames that I don’t like.
  • Remind me that I don’t have “the body” anymore.
  • Post comments after last call (2am)
  • Fail to say anything that actually related to the blog post
  • Remind me that I’m single for a reason.

…the list goes on.

It’s like they pop up from time to time and want to impress upon me how crappy my life has been.

So, for all my not so anonymous critics, let me save you some time. I am the luckiest guy on the planet.

I am sooo not stuttering. You heard me right.

Why, you ask?

First, because I’ve lived, loved, and enjoyed life with some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever been aware of. I am not talking about looks, I mean true beauty, the kind of people that make you want to evolve and grow in order to just find their perspective.

Second, because I’ve been lucky enough to find real love more than once in this life and I’m quite confident that the universe will turn me upside down again. I have ZERO regrets about anyone I’ve dated. Every woman I’ve ever been with showed me errors in relationships that I never repeated. The first love showed me that I was beautiful. The second love showed me how to find beauty in everything, and the third showed me I wouldn’t suck at being a parent. As far as I am concerned, I got three wishes, to be loved by beauty, to learn what what real beauty was, and most importantly how to be beautiful to my future kids.

Third, because I know I’ll be okay, there is a lot of love in my life and while I might be single, I am very far from being alone.

After those, the rest is almost completely inconsequential…sort of like the cute little comments occasionally placed on my blog that seem to be meant to get a rise out of me.