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A Cool Little Fundraiser from @Starstruck1409

TonyTown - Midland Festival BalletWant to buy a cool necklace and help a whole lot of people out at the same time?

I have a really cool friend/tweep (yes it’s a real person!) that is trying to raise money for Cancer Research and a her dance company, the Midland Festival Ballet.

TonyTown - Casey BryanHer name is Casey Bryan @Starstruck1409 and she’s absolutely looney about Dallas Stars Hockey busting her buns on this. So if you have a need, please go to her blog and help her out!

There is a good selection of colors so if you are curious please check her site out! You can get all the details HERE.

Take care and have great day! Ciao!


PS – No this wasn’t a paid review or article, it’s just me getting the word out for a friend on what I think is a worthwhile cause 😉

Foreign Cars…

I just read an article about how Ford and some other motor company were joining forces in revitalizing some factory…in Thailand.

The article itself isn’t the focus, but the chain of thought it inspired is.

Why on earth is our government allowing foreign business to leech money out of our country? Is Ford no longer American based?
(I honestly don’t know…I am asking)

In our desire for anything that makes us different, I feel like we have sort of sacrificed some of this country’s financial foundation by allowing foreign business and industry to prosper more than our own. That is beyond free trade…it’s actually harmful to the US business model. We are our biggest consumer, right? Bueller?

I mean, the same argument can be dished out for a number of different industries, but it comes down to people trying to maximize income by any means necessary rather than have a few standards regarding WHO ultimately gets sacrificed for these profits?

I know I am being vague…it’s on purpose. It’s honestly getting late and I haven’t researched enough to lay out and prove my point…doesn’t make it any less true. Just less acceptable.

But then again, I suppose that’s how we like bad news eh?

By the way, totally unrelated. My roommate’s young son, after getting tucked in, made his dad come over and give me a hug goodnight because he forgot. 😉 I know…unrelated.

But I started off griping about foreign cars and now you’re warm and fuzzy anyways right?

…so my job here is done. 🙂

Goodnight World…this is me hugging you all goodnight!