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Kudos for Google…

Just a homespun graphic of googleGoogle sent me this link a little while ago, and it meant a lot to see it.


If you didn’t know about this. A couple years back I competed in Google’s Project 10 to the 100. My foundation project was to build an education system that allowed an open forum for educators and subject matter authorities to discuss and dictate curriculum (not politicians/civil leaders), utilizing up to date education methodologies(our public education system is old and non-competitive globally), and most importantly…free.

Well…obviously, I didn’t win the grant, but the Khan Academy did win, and allowed their curriculum to be translatable in a number of global languages, allowing for an education system that is FREE. It’s almost exactly what I was hoping for.

I just wanted to say that while there is a LOT of banter on what Google’s mission is…they are one of the few big players that are in it to make the world a better place, not just fill their wallet. It was cool to see that they’d granted not just the money from Project 10 to the 100, but also about 100 million more to other initiatives.

Google (and Microsoft) taught me a long time ago that employers can choose to be a part of the solution, rather than being just another part of the system. I wish everyone shared the same business model.

/end kudos-ranty-type-post


PS – I swear I’ll post more. Really. This is just a phase I swear πŸ˜‰

Tony’s White Hat

If you’re not entirely clueless…you already know I am a computer & electronics security hobbyist. On the side, I help people clean up their messy machines, and when they pay the bill on time, they also enjoy a ton of extra information in the way of best practices.

Usually before the end of their first session with me, they are either already convinced I’m some sort of hacker, or suspect it on some level, and because I like to keep my options open and would very much prefer not to have Big Brother’s Hot Poker waving in my direction, I would very much like to clarify.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away. I was exposed to the Hacker movement. Not the silliness that involved bragging rights on who got unlimited ratios on the best BBS’. The real stuff. I learned about both sides of the coin and by the time “The Hacker Crackdown” was written, everything in that book was sort of common knowledge in these circles. At the time, the tools of the trade were quite dependent on a level of trust whereby people weren’t publishing technical manuals or social engineering mechanisms for fame or money, it was only done to expose the rift in security…not to cause harm. It was like a game. The digital underground strikes a server and leaves a glaring banner on it usually claiming credit for exposing illegal or amoral activities on part of the company involved.

The technical side never really appealed to me, as I saw how harmful sitting in front of a computer all the time was to getting some relationships, but I loved the social engineering end. In addition, I loved all the jazzy words that were almost a secret code because they were used properly only by people with a clue, those words are now more or less the foundation catch phrases for a media sorely lacking in the fundamental knowledge some of us older geeks would consider necessary to even consider credibility in the Author. Anyhow, this is my hat. Please…by all means…pick one up for yourself.

So here it is. My favorite White Hat. I know…funny eh?

Like I said…if you like it, please buy one. Half the proceeds will go to hookers and donuts me, and the other half will go to some good cause I haven’t honestly decided on yet. (Probably a local outreach/employment program).

Thanks for the Bandwidth! …and yes. One of my favorite movies is Sneakers πŸ˜‰


Foreign Cars…

I just read an article about how Ford and some other motor company were joining forces in revitalizing some factory…in Thailand.

The article itself isn’t the focus, but the chain of thought it inspired is.

Why on earth is our government allowing foreign business to leech money out of our country? Is Ford no longer American based?
(I honestly don’t know…I am asking)

In our desire for anything that makes us different, I feel like we have sort of sacrificed some of this country’s financial foundation by allowing foreign business and industry to prosper more than our own. That is beyond free trade…it’s actually harmful to the US business model. We are our biggest consumer, right? Bueller?

I mean, the same argument can be dished out for a number of different industries, but it comes down to people trying to maximize income by any means necessary rather than have a few standards regarding WHO ultimately gets sacrificed for these profits?

I know I am being vague…it’s on purpose. It’s honestly getting late and I haven’t researched enough to lay out and prove my point…doesn’t make it any less true. Just less acceptable.

But then again, I suppose that’s how we like bad news eh?

By the way, totally unrelated. My roommate’s young son, after getting tucked in, made his dad come over and give me a hug goodnight because he forgot. πŸ˜‰ I know…unrelated.

But I started off griping about foreign cars and now you’re warm and fuzzy anyways right?

…so my job here is done. πŸ™‚

Goodnight World…this is me hugging you all goodnight!