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Did you know…

Okay so if you’re not used to seeing this, it’s because I haven’t really done it in a while. Sometimes I get baseline lyrics running around in my head and I have to get them in print. I am not really a musician but I love my music. I got the bug early this morning and wrote it all out. Of course this song isn’t really a mystery, it just popped into my head and I cant stand not remembering the lines in my head later…so…yeah I post them here.

Enjoy! -T

Did you know… by Tony Hunt (2011-07-11)

Did you know amidst all that talkin,
we were humming to that same old song
It’s uncanny, but every time on the phone,
we were both pacing and trying to right those wrongs

Maybe if you knew bout this sad sad song
We’d have a chance to sing together
To play a different tune
To sing a different song

Did you know during all that yellin
I was wishin for another life for you
where all the wrongs were righted
and all the songs we had ended laughter

Maybe if you knew about this little bit of soul
We could look into each others eyes and never grow old
We’d play a different tune
and sing a different song

Did you know while we were thinkin
I’d imagined what it might be like for us
If things were just a little better.

Did you know while I was sleeping
I dreamed a little dream
There wasn’t much so different
But in it we’re together

…so much happier

This is only the beginning…

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to apologize to everyone that’s been so diligent in coming here looking for new material…only to find that I took a ginormous freaking vacation from writing.

I wasn’t sick, or sunning it up on some beach…I just kindof get overwhelmed (i.e. – lazy) on the holidays.

This winter some really cool things are coming to a head in TonyTown. There is a new webserver on the way, the entire hosting platform is moving to a virtual server with about 1000% performance capabilities.

I have been asked to start contributing to another multi-writer blog (go me!).

After a having a fit of common sense…I am starting to accept project offers for other blogs and websites, and have three on the schedule already. One is a new book being released next month, I am facilitating all of the web branding, including the site design and even helping with the content. I’ll be promoting/branding the new website soon, if you have comments or questions, my normal contact pages are all still available.

Some of the cool stuff:

Another AWESOME blogger – Lauren Carlton from Mommy Is Rock ‘N Roll is recruiting me to help her move all her stuff from Blogspot.com to a WordPress blog (might even be hosted by yours truly!)

Wayne Johnson, a successful musician and owner of Noteworthy Ministries (they do really cool things for kids with guitars!) is publishing his biography written by himself and his close friend Frank Ball (from FrankBall.org and North Texas Christian Writers). The book is called Guided Missteps – Hard Times Make for Good Music (@guided_missteps / GuidedMissteps.com) and is a journal of Wayne’s life and how music turned his life around.

Totie Richardson is a very close friend who is also an incredible Tarot reader. Her business via word of mouth is insane considering she doesn’t advertise on the net, so much that we’re putting a website together not only as generic contact point, but also as an informational outlet on the many Tarot projects she has in progress. The website will be at http://tarot-geek.com and will showcase Totie’s wealth of information and life-experience.

Tony-Hunt.net is almost finished. It is my professional site and will showcase some of my projects and IT skills. It’s still a work in progress so don’t be surprised if the site is unavailable, but expect to see some serious promotion on both tonytown.com and tony-hunt.net coinciding with all the websites that are going online.

Anyhow. It’s Christmas Eve.
You should all be hanging out, knocking down some Nog, and having fun.

Merry Christmas everyone! …and thanks for reading!


What do Chomsky, Dio, and Google have in common?

Don’t worry this won’t take long. What do Chomsky, Dio, and Google have in common?

All three have left me feeling a loss for the world today


Morons. Unless you own your email server, and only use it via secure methods, anyone listening can read your email. ANYONE. Google recently announced that it picked up some unsecured wireless data while it listened from its cars that were doing all that mapping.

Yeah I am soooo surprised. Ya know what else surprised me? OJ being guilty.

Nothing you do or say online is inherently secure. In using the internet for IRC, IM or your clown pron or whatever…everyone you request that information from has everything they need to geo-locate you. Any public post you make associating your ip address…like…say…an EMAIL will also associate you with that ip. So everyone acting like Google is being evil and infringing on your privacy rights…you’d better suck it up, because they did it on accident, most others doing so are doing it quite deliberately. Most of the internet pros have been doing this for hmmm…lessee – about as long as the internet has been in use.

Bottom Line. Stop blaming Google for privacy issues on the net. There is no privacy on the net. If you’re creeped out by anyone wardriving, please simply stop using WiFi, issue resolved.

Next topic…
Noam Chomsky gets barred by Israel from lecturing in Palestinian West Bank
How do you make sure that you get the entire free world riled up?

Tell Noam Chomsky he cant lecture someplace. For those of you who don’t know, Chomsky is a free-thinking badass. he teaches at MIT is on of my Top Ten Living People (sooner or later I will get this put on a page here). Anyhow, Chomsky. He’s written mountains of data on how we as humans can simplify and communicate with one another regardless of language. His lectures assume a foundation of moral and societal aptitude that I personally think would save us as a species so many problems. He’s an ultimate proponent for peace.

And Israel didn’t want him to speak. Israel gets the big finger for this one. They dropped the ball…bigtime.

And lastly…
The heavy metal genre has lost one of his most household names. Ronnie James Dio has left us.
Dio was instrumental in broadening the music industry. His attitude and music has been influencing musicians for over 40 years.
Dio, you will be remembered.

You can get a little flashback below…