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Love, Friends, Inspiration, and Tact – The Morning

Sometimes it’s a roller coaster day.
This a was a little streaming thought. Some insight into about 1% of the ramblings I endure in the morning. 😉 Enjoy…

Starting off with a groggy half asleep run, I realize the diet is truly working. I am going nuts brainstorming on how the hell I am ever going to get away from relying on a computer to make a living. I am looking not only for a way out for myself, but for my friends. I have some HUGE ideas regarding education reform, but that inspiration is so clean that I would never forgive myself for trying to actually profit from restructuring an education system, and all the powermongers currently making the decisions -they’d likely pay to have me 86’ed. I compare and contract regimens that work…and all of a sudden I come to the realization that if it weren’t for the bureaucracy and silliness inherent in our own federal and state education policy…our children could be sporting a graduate level education at age 20. What does this give us? A workforce saturated with doctors, thinkers, artisans, and ideas…a population entering the working world with vision and education.

…and then my groggy half asleep morning wake up is finished. I am angry that despite preaching the best of intentions, government fails miserably at finding a solution that will kick the problem. I’ve finished my shower and gotten dressed.

…on my way out to my car, I come to the understanding that we have some seriously untapped resources to use. Everyone in prison needs to be working, not working out. I could take ten inmates and build houses for a fraction of the cost of labor…*cough* far far cheaper than employing someone illegally *cough*.

…I am driving away from my complex and of course have to stop along side the same spot every morning…right next to the horde of abortion protesters…every morning. This morning I’ve figured something out…the protesters need to provide a SOLUTION to this problem, not scare the bejesus out of the kids. A suggestion for the solution? Easy, move to a place where people aren’t given freedom of choice to live their own lives and make their own decisions…I proceed to tell them what they should be doing. This is apparently something they don’t like and the car gets rushed. They don’t realize a police officer is watching and the whole lot of them get arrested for trespassing, unlawful demonstration, and public disturbance….gee…I never thought that might happen [evil grin #234].

…and I get to work – don’t even get me started on that.

Surprises from the News

I started off with so much content I could write for miles…

Republicans party endorsing a guy who got Article 32’ed for torturing a detainee is now running for a seat in Congress…

Dallas leads the nation in children that are unlikely to be fed properly…

I read further and just got so angry at people…it astounds me that so many of you would embrace hate so much that it seriously matters what color our president is, but you’ll conveniently ignore the fact that your own community has starving children.

I keep on getting slack for being a lefty. I’m not a lefty.

I’m a guy that thinks murderers need to be shipped off to an island they cant swim away from…ever…and barring that they may choose to die or serve the rest of their lives without rights, serving the state and military…period. I think it’s possible to live in a land of conscience and consequence, without infringing on the freedoms we hold so dear.

I think anyone trying to regulate guns is an idiot and targeting the wrong demographic.

I think that anyone that chooses to have an abortion should have that right…even though I wouldn’t ever consider it with a child of my own…it’s about choice, and the government shouldn’t be involved in the least with it.

I think that a healthcare system that provides for 96% of Americans is better than a system that only accommodates those lucky enough to be able to afford it right now. It’s not about Socialism, it’s about Americans taking care of each other. For a lot of people I think it’s “out of sight – out of mind” and acting like we’re going to get taxed harder for this is ignoring the fact that if it wasn’t for this, the government would have found another reason to do so…and very likely with far less noble intent.

The shooting in Fort Hood is a tragedy. The man that did it…regardless of intention or mental condition needs to be hung…it’s that simple. The people trying to paint him in a positive light need to stop. Concocting new psychological disorders to clearly define the man’s state I don’t really think is necessary but thats the crap every shrink makes a living off of. The bottom line is that his act was premeditated and he killed the very people that expected him to save them in mind if not in body. It’s not murder alone, it is treason in my opinion. Hang him and save this country some time and a whole fekton of money.

If you’re wondering where the rage comes in…it’s when anyone starts deciding they have the right to commit violence and then murder.

I also have to lay the blame for every problem we’re facing now at the feet of a president and administration that was in office for just over a year and picking up after an 8 year train wreck of foreign diplomacy. I mean seriously…how could it not be Obama’s fault? We voted him in rather decisively…he must be the most evil guy on the planet right?

This whole – it’s not OUR problem because I am not with THEM. Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously? Ignore the politicians and simply look at the results of our previous voting practices. The worst we got from Bill Clinton was a little diddling in the oval office. We can’t be anywhere near as jovial about the tragedies in decision making made by Republican presidents.

The sad part, is I dont even remotely favor one over the other.

I think they are both useless facets of government now. I think it would be so much easier for us to find an honest leader if it wasn’t profitable to be President or be in the government. Like making it illegal for business to show any interest in government, etc. Otherwise it’s just a much more convoluted but just as effective method of buying government.

Anyhow. Just stuff I have been chewing on.

Don’t vote…everything is OK.

….yeah, that is kind of an attention-getting phrase, isn’t it?

It really is the subject though.

As individuals we trip and stumble, observe and recoil. We convince ourselves that the world simply isnt as bad as it appears.

I think it might be a true human super power…that deliberate plausible deniability.

The truly important thing, is that somewhere along the line, our common sense and gut take a strangling grip of our senses and warn us.
Freedom is the ability to laugh at anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Liberty is the ability to show others how to be happy on their own terms.
Satisfaction is when you scream these things at the top of your lungs every day, and the only argument voiced is that of the cold night air telling you it’s time to crash.

Voting is that one last vestige of a Voice we have left in own government.

Don’t let it go. Trust your gut, Live free, talk liberal, and be satisfied that you’ve been heard. Vote every single chance you get.