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Dancing in the right place…

I am going to preface this by saying it is incredibly obvious that some people haven’t seen the movie Footloose.

In a nation where our government continually shoves “freedom” down our throat, this is what happens.

Earlier yesterday Adam Kokesh and a number of others were detained when they chose to dance at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial…hell what am I saying…”detained” isn’t even adequate. At one point Kokesh was body slammed and choked. Another guy was forcibly pulled away from his wife while embraced with her.

So what was the right thing to do? Protest of course. Some people may mistakenly think this demonstration wasn’t necessary, but after seeing the result…I think it was absolutely necessary.

How many times does their local PD have to waste manpower because a law is simply not protecting the people. Laws restricting our freedoms should be taken seriously, but this? Seriously? THEY WERE DANCING!!!! I just have to say if I meet Mr. Kokesh, I’m buying him a drink. No one deserves to be handled like that when they aren’t presenting themselves as a danger to anyone. I am sure some local attorneys are going to have a field day with this because Kokesh apparently is running for office…and probably just pulled in a TON of votes, as the video above has gone viral.

Cheers People, and don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t dance. 😉


Oops, almost forgot. Adam Kokesh’ website is HERE if you want more.

How to lose a vote. Don’t EVER turn your back on Hillary Clinton…

On February 15, Hillary Clinton gave a speech touting American disdain for other governments’ censorship and restriction of free speech, while at the same time…a peaceful demonstration by a long-time U.S. veteran (Ray McGovern) was met with intolerance and that same restriction on our own soil.

The poor ol’ guy. All he did was stand up and turn his back on Clinton while she was speaking.

Here’s the video, the guy didn’t even say anything until it was evident that they weren’t going to let him stay.

What the hell?!

Look, I understand the need for security. But if everyone was on their game, they should have known there was a protester in the crowd…not only this, but the guy is a vet! This wasn’t just treading on our free speech…this was jumping up and down on it and then spitting in the eye of those that risk their lives for the name of.

Whoops. I was going to say freedom…but apparently that’s only available to people that aren’t directing that at our government. Over the last few weeks our own governments actions, in conjunction with that of a number of private firms are getting outed for only obeying the law when it suits them and when their own reputation isn’t at stake. By this same demonstration of physical censorship…we brand our own country as committing the very same deplorable freedom of speech violations Secretary Clinton was denouncing in her speech while they dragged him away. lame, very lame.

…every year, it seems like the pickins on politicians that aren’t hypocrites gets down to searching for needles in a haystack. I was already tired of Republicans years before Bush Jr. was done…seems the Dems are just out to make my opinion unilateral. Luckily I still know of a few decent people I’d vote for (all Libertarians – go figure)…it’s just too bad how corrupting the government is.

-Stay safe, and for our future’s sake, vote smart people.


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Love, Friends, Inspiration, and Tact – The Morning

Sometimes it’s a roller coaster day.
This a was a little streaming thought. Some insight into about 1% of the ramblings I endure in the morning. 😉 Enjoy…

Starting off with a groggy half asleep run, I realize the diet is truly working. I am going nuts brainstorming on how the hell I am ever going to get away from relying on a computer to make a living. I am looking not only for a way out for myself, but for my friends. I have some HUGE ideas regarding education reform, but that inspiration is so clean that I would never forgive myself for trying to actually profit from restructuring an education system, and all the powermongers currently making the decisions -they’d likely pay to have me 86’ed. I compare and contract regimens that work…and all of a sudden I come to the realization that if it weren’t for the bureaucracy and silliness inherent in our own federal and state education policy…our children could be sporting a graduate level education at age 20. What does this give us? A workforce saturated with doctors, thinkers, artisans, and ideas…a population entering the working world with vision and education.

…and then my groggy half asleep morning wake up is finished. I am angry that despite preaching the best of intentions, government fails miserably at finding a solution that will kick the problem. I’ve finished my shower and gotten dressed.

…on my way out to my car, I come to the understanding that we have some seriously untapped resources to use. Everyone in prison needs to be working, not working out. I could take ten inmates and build houses for a fraction of the cost of labor…*cough* far far cheaper than employing someone illegally *cough*.

…I am driving away from my complex and of course have to stop along side the same spot every morning…right next to the horde of abortion protesters…every morning. This morning I’ve figured something out…the protesters need to provide a SOLUTION to this problem, not scare the bejesus out of the kids. A suggestion for the solution? Easy, move to a place where people aren’t given freedom of choice to live their own lives and make their own decisions…I proceed to tell them what they should be doing. This is apparently something they don’t like and the car gets rushed. They don’t realize a police officer is watching and the whole lot of them get arrested for trespassing, unlawful demonstration, and public disturbance….gee…I never thought that might happen [evil grin #234].

…and I get to work – don’t even get me started on that.