Don’t vote…everything is OK.

….yeah, that is kind of an attention-getting phrase, isn’t it?

It really is the subject though.

As individuals we trip and stumble, observe and recoil. We convince ourselves that the world simply isnt as bad as it appears.

I think it might be a true human super power…that deliberate plausible deniability.

The truly important thing, is that somewhere along the line, our common sense and gut take a strangling grip of our senses and warn us.
Freedom is the ability to laugh at anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Liberty is the ability to show others how to be happy on their own terms.
Satisfaction is when you scream these things at the top of your lungs every day, and the only argument voiced is that of the cold night air telling you it’s time to crash.

Voting is that one last vestige of a Voice we have left in own government.

Don’t let it go. Trust your gut, Live free, talk liberal, and be satisfied that you’ve been heard. Vote every single chance you get.