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How to lose a vote. Don’t EVER turn your back on Hillary Clinton…

On February 15, Hillary Clinton gave a speech touting American disdain for other governments’ censorship and restriction of free speech, while at the same time…a peaceful demonstration by a long-time U.S. veteran (Ray McGovern) was met with intolerance and that same restriction on our own soil.

The poor ol’ guy. All he did was stand up and turn his back on Clinton while she was speaking.

Here’s the video, the guy didn’t even say anything until it was evident that they weren’t going to let him stay.

What the hell?!

Look, I understand the need for security. But if everyone was on their game, they should have known there was a protester in the crowd…not only this, but the guy is a vet! This wasn’t just treading on our free speech…this was jumping up and down on it and then spitting in the eye of those that risk their lives for the name of.

Whoops. I was going to say freedom…but apparently that’s only available to people that aren’t directing that at our government. Over the last few weeks our own governments actions, in conjunction with that of a number of private firms are getting outed for only obeying the law when it suits them and when their own reputation isn’t at stake. By this same demonstration of physical censorship…we brand our own country as committing the very same deplorable freedom of speech violations Secretary Clinton was denouncing in her speech while they dragged him away. lame, very lame.

…every year, it seems like the pickins on politicians that aren’t hypocrites gets down to searching for needles in a haystack. I was already tired of Republicans years before Bush Jr. was done…seems the Dems are just out to make my opinion unilateral. Luckily I still know of a few decent people I’d vote for (all Libertarians – go figure)…it’s just too bad how corrupting the government is.

-Stay safe, and for our future’s sake, vote smart people.


Here are the links:

The lack of reason…

Constant…unending…and worst of all…misleading.

I actually have had so much stupid to deal with that I had to build a full list of all the crazy holy jesus on a merry go round stupid items. The bad part…is there was so much blindingly omnipresent voids of common sense…I even got caught in some. I knee-jerked, and luckily I hadn’t published an article on it here yet by the time I got details.

There is NOT a Mosque Being Build At Ground Zero.

The first two times someone hooked me up with links regarding the controversial Mosque planned near Ground Zero, I laughed. The links we’re knee-jerk reactions, misinformed, and altogether inaccurate. Leading readers to believe that literally think that a Mosque was being built at Ground Zero in memory of 9/11. This half truth of course spurred an insane amount of more knee-jerking and before the reality of the situation was even clear to the public. Private organizations from all walks and states were pulling strings to stop them.
Worse still, people were (and are still…even in the media) deliberately omitting the fact that the proposed mosque isn’t actually at Ground Zero…it’s just near it. Even worse still, the proposed mosque is being built and dedicated in memory of all those that lost their lives in 9/11.

How did(do) you commemorate this tragedy? The U.S. has already labeled the day National Day of Service and Remembrance. I’ve made an effort to get out and help/volunteer somewhere ever since this initiative began (4-5 years I think?). For some however, it is enough to simply feel offended when the Islamic community, who also lost more than a few of its own, mourns those lost as well.

I am and always will be the first person to call out the failings of religion. More so the failings of any that teach intolerance…which is almost all of them. However, I will never infringe upon the rights to worship. I only criticize the religion that can’t practice tolerance. In this case, lots of views are relevant and some are not altogether mistaken in their stance. How dare citizens take measures to stop this. It’s an effing community center and church for heaven’s sake. Freedom of Religion. This is like an instant push-button for me. I have seen so many people become absolute monsters in the name of their Christian values. It’s like you guys make this great leap of faith in a deranged effort to hate what you know nothing of. Such a huge waste of energy.

Worse…you’re letting the media sensationalize it too.
You’re promoting misinformation…why?
Because you don’t want to be seen as having made an ass of yourself repeatedly about the mosque.
You see…there is a problem in this whole “OMFG they’re building a Mosque at Ground Zero?!?!?”

There is already a Mosque very close to Ground Zero.
There is already a Mosque very close to Ground Zero.
There is already a Mosque very close to Ground Zero.

…wait…maybe I wasn’t clear enough….


So for every one of you that have been traipsing around acting like you’re finally a member of the fascist majority. Congratulations. You’re fighting the process of a Community Center being built too, also donated by the Muslim community.

Now that I’ve made my rant. Listen to John‘s. He’s one of those few fighting to bring some common sense back to Capitol Hill.

My shameful take on the Mosque
by John Jay Myers

I called this “My shameful take on the Mosque”, because I believe our country has much more important things to worry about than destroying property rights and freedom of religion. I have noticed that whenever election season comes around the media pulls out all the truly divisive issues in our culture.

This is a shame, it is a shame that I have to defend the basic principles of our country in this day and age. Possibly more shameful that I have to do it to combat rhetoric from my peers.

A cursory glance at the New York mosque situation tells you that the government has no right to stop a mosque from being built. There is no special area around ground zero where suppressing religion and blocking people’s use of their property is somehow ok.

Last I checked this was America and we believe in the Constitution, and we believe in rights.

Most Libertarians will tell you that you MAY be a Libertarian if you believe in property rights and freedom of religion.
But common sense will tell you that you are definitely NOT a libertarian if you don’t.

But then there are some who say the bigger question is, not whether the government can stop it, but “Is it right?” Some people are saying that this is an insult to those who died. That the people building this mosque are being insensitive. Those people are the most insensitive people in America.

For example, right wing conservative Wayne Allyn Root said, “the building of a mosque at the attack site where thousands of our own perished in an act of war – must not be allowed.”

Wayne couldn’t be more wrong. Some of those Americans who died were Muslim Americans. 7 Million Muslim Americans mourned the attacks on 9/11. Libertarians are proud of not making knee jerk reactions, and that we stick to our principles. Wayne and other talking head pundits are insinuating that it was all Muslims who attacked us, when in fact it was just a few. They are casting a broad racist net over an entire culture.

Can you imagine how ignorant and racist it would sound if someone said that a church could not be built in Oklahoma City because the ones responsible for that attack were Christians?

You have every right to feel however you wish about Muslims or any group you like, and you have every right to express your feelings. But, by calling for government to stop the mosque, you are allowing the terrorists to win. We cannot allow them, or racist sentiments perpetuated by TV talking heads, to threaten American freedoms.
By calling on the Muslims to stop building the Mosque you are blaming 1.5 billion people for the actions of 18.

They say if fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and waving a cross.

You may think a mosque dishonors dead Americans. But I assure you, spreading racism, threatening property rights, and calling for the state to target religions you don’t like is a greater dishonor, to all Americans.

Much to our chagrin, this kind of common sense unfortunately is the severe minority. It’s simply easier to blame people that others will blame for the same reason rather than step back and think.

The moral, please allow yourself the time to learn about situations like this before going on a media warpath. All the while, we’re doing little more that proving to the world we’re incapable of practicing what we our laws are preaching.

Chicago Tribune
CNN Video on NY’s Spineless Governor – David Paterson
CNN Timeline on Mosque

Listening to Sam Harris…

…on his justification for ditching religion.

To be clear, I am NOT an atheist. Sam Harris is a rather outspoken one. I am quite the opposite. However I very firmly believe that most of the religions have evolved from a failed moral compass and device of social regulation, to an overgrown venue of business, extremism, and most importantly they represent a HUGE stubborn craze that refuses to allow the human social mechanism to evolve. Simply put, the wrong people are steering a moral compass that has been over-interpreted for hundreds of years, at the cost of millions of lives. This is not a factor of all religions, but those teaching intolerance on any scale are a part of the problem, and likely in thought and deed seek to continue this in order to maintain their own social-political structure within a population.

Please listen to him. He is not attacking your belief or spirituality. He is attacking its role in government and perceived social convention, whereby those beliefs are not able to tread on me and mine.

Morality is what we make of it. In relying on another to provide those decisions, a demonstration of example and trust would be a prerequisite. As Sam as put it, it is possible for us all to use morality in a logical model and prove clearly that some things are easily right or wrong. While these answers would easily be different for everyone, the sense of general right and wrong…without the religious compass, becomes very easily defined.

You see, spiritual grabs for power are just that. Grabs for power. In allowing someone else to direct your moral compass, you forfeit the value of your own (assumed learned) opinion. Why anyone would do this I have no idea. I think some people are actually afraid to think and act on this level. But once there, it is truly a learning experience.

Sam Harris has written a couple very thought-provoking books: The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation. I am in the process of reading them both, but I can already recommend them.