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Writers Block?!

So I got up like insanely early on a Saturday solely to clean up some of the drafts I had started on the blog.

And I can across one that before opening I had assumed was an adequately interesting start of what I would normally consider a rant.

The problem is that, well…apparently I had writer’s block. Let’s see if you can tell why…

Ya. That about sums that up. I am sure I had a very good reason for titling the post that way…but I’ve apparently slept a whole frickin lot since then…

Completely amazing.

I catch up on everything. Webwork, wetwork, cleaning, laundry, even drove around town tonight just to relax and take a load off…

…and after all that, I am all kinds of hyped up because I am going to work on the book (which I have been completely not doing lately)…

…I get home and have can’t for the life of me can’t shake the writer’s block.

I never have writer’s block.

Seriously, the demon that is in charge of giving people writers block…I kicked his ass.

…and now all I can write about is having writers block.

bleeeeeh, damn you universe!