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Ferociously Friendly Friday #FF

Tony's Birthday DragonWe all look forward to Fridays.

It’s probably because they are Fridays. Let loose, cut loose, grab your friends, check out a new scene, catch a show, gather at a friends, cook out, hit a party…whatever it is you do on the weekend, Friday is what sets the tone.

This Friday has been just a hair outside the norm. There are so many things going on that my eyes got crossed. I have the opportunity to come out and meet a pretty cool twitter friend at a local club. The Stars regular season opener is tonight, in which fektons of friends and tweeps are going. There is a really good band (The Mind Spiders) playing in Denton tonight. This is the last weekend of DTC’s production of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ at the Wyly Theater. AND, a very awesome little girl named Sydney made me a dragon for my birthday and I have to go visit and accept said gracious gift this evening.

So. I have this HUGE deal about not showing up or being there for kiddos when they are expecting me for something they consider important. Ergo, I am meeting up with my friends and they insanely cool daughter is going to give me my present…(yes, that a photo of the dragon she made me) πŸ˜‰

Anyhow last week this came up in some conversations and really just makes better sense to me. Who you follow on twitter should be based on interest, not on building reciprocal followers. That said, I’m going to *try* to do this every Friday. I’ll be present a few cool peeps that I follow on Twitter. If it’s going to be called “Follow Friday” I am making sure you know why I recommend them.

Here’s this week’s awesome people:

@TheRealChes Ches is a geek, a supermom, a great coder, and most importantly she’s got a pretty damn good sense of humor. We been friends for a pretty long time and she’s got a good .02 for you when she sees fit πŸ˜‰

@MarkRamseyhttp://markramsey.com Mark is a buddy back from my college days and is a pretty fun guy to listen to. He’s got tons going on and has two internet shows, in addition to running multiple other businesses and is a great resource for almost anything tech. Check him out!

@Melysa_Shttp://sexliesandbacon.com I kind of consider Melysa an authority on snark πŸ˜‰ She’s a pretty funny and her quest(s) to find the right guy are pretty funny to follow.

So here’s to a great start on the weekend πŸ˜‰ have a great weekend everyone!


29 for the 34535th time

πŸ˜‰ Had to say it, it’s been a great Birthday…couple weird spots, but it’s been fun…thanks to everyone πŸ˜‰

My mom hooked me up with the MOST kickass journal. It’s actually ,ade from composite and the fron is engraved with a dragon…veeerry Tony-ish πŸ˜‰

Anyhow again…thanks to everyone that made the time to call, visit, and wish me well!


Ze Party of Birthdays for Ze Tony

Okay guys…

This time…I am actually going to show up for my own birthday party….I know …I know…yeah right!

No seriously I am this time.

I am going to go have a decent steak before the festivities (around 8)

Now since this blog gets more airtime than many television shows…the place will remain unpublished here. But you have only to contact me or hit up my events (as a friend) in MySpace or FaceBook.

The time of the convergence of festivities will be 8pm October 11th.

There are no few number of people I would regard as a gift for just showing up…so if you’re interested, contact me.