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So I’ve come to another realization.

Not only is there so much stupid in the world that it’s overwhelming.

Not only does stupid run rampant and far too often unchecked, prevented, or corrected…

Not only can I not keep up with it in its…we’ll call it grandeur (for lack of a simpler word to spare)

…on more occasions than I am comfortable with…I am a part of the problem instead being part of the solution.

I am sure most of my friends will screenshot this in order to make sure they have proof I offered this unto the never-forgetting interwebs, but I don’t mind the occasional self-admission and it’s not like tons about me isn’t already online. 😉

Now, because I have a BIG GINORMOUS rule about getting too personal about my friends and loved ones, that is about all the detail I’ll be fessing up. If you’re a close friend, you already have such a vast repertoire of incidents and stories regarding my antics that another one is almost blasé and you can certainly rest easy knowing I have another notch on my belt.

Now if you happen to be a casual reader and wondering how far down the rabbit hole my life traverses…

This time…I didn’t drive off the side of a mountain at 70mph in a truck.

This time…I didn’t go camping, get drunk, and introduce all my friends to the term “skyclad” using myself as a point of reference at the campfire for everyone to see.

This time…I didn’t get lost after taking a walk in a neighborhood 30 miles away from my casa after my own birthday party.

This time I managed to screw up a damn good friendship, and I am feeling like absolute shit over it.

Good Mormon!


Yeah…This isn’t about Mormons. (Damn You Auto Correct!)
If this was a text from yours truly, you would know that’s me saying “Good Morning!” My wonderful iPhone loves that phrase, and honestly I am tired of retyping it.

Progress? Here?! …Maybe?
I am about 2/3 through another installment of No More Stupid. It’s going well, and maybe if I had more time outside my 9-5 I might actually get some real content written, but for now, I am content to helping regular people make it through the crazy mess of everything online. That said, if you have questions about “stuff” online, leave them in the comments and I’ll try to throw you a bone.

Ok ….so…If you’re new here, I will warn you. I am kind of an ass. I link TONS of stuff in here, but I don’t mark the links, so you have to hover over the link with your mouse to find them.

It’s my idea of providing a learning experience and being me at the same time.

I have this friend @thebloggess and she’s incredibly awesome and she spends her days being funny and inadvertently teaching other people that they can be better too.

There’s a problem though, she’s having an incredible time dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis. So much so that she’s looking for other people that have had to work through this and compare notes so that she can make sure she’s left no stone unturned.

This is the link to the article she wrote. While I don’t share the same type of arthritis I am keenly aware of what she’s going through so if you’re suffering from or experienced RA please compare notes, I think it might mean the world to her.

That’s about it today. Be well and throw lots of snowballs at innocent bystanders for me!!!


Ending a week of stupidity…

Closing up the weekend…no idea why I am blogging this…but what the hell…

The week, in short was a lot of headache.

Don’t ever think that a cigarette will make it all better. It most certainly will not.

Don’t ever marry a psychopath.

Don’t ever let your motorcycle sit for three weeks without a trickle charger. Argh.

Don’t ever forget, because the internet sure as hell doesn’t.

Don’t ever let your job rule you. Rule your job.

Somehow I managed to watch some noteworthy movies though.


Salt was pretty decent. Watch it. I like the whole “new spy” open-ended thing going on there. It didn’t have the class synonymous with Bond…but it wasn’t short on action.
Centurion was pretty cool. Not worth the DVD though, if it’s still On Demand for you…do it.
The Expendables was a blast to watch, mainly because of all the cameo’s. All the best action hero’s were there and in top form. Definitely a guy film, the plot was cool, but seeing all those different A-List action people in there was just fun. The only guy missing was John Travolta…they should’ve made him a bad guy.

The summer finale of Burn Notice happened. I still haven’t made time to watch it (probably tonight)
Now I have to wait like a week or two for the other cable shows to kick back in…Sons of Anarchy baby!

Hope everyone had a great week. Loads of No More Stupid is coming! 😉