Ending a week of stupidity…

Closing up the weekend…no idea why I am blogging this…but what the hell…

The week, in short was a lot of headache.

Don’t ever think that a cigarette will make it all better. It most certainly will not.

Don’t ever marry a psychopath.

Don’t ever let your motorcycle sit for three weeks without a trickle charger. Argh.

Don’t ever forget, because the internet sure as hell doesn’t.

Don’t ever let your job rule you. Rule your job.

Somehow I managed to watch some noteworthy movies though.


Salt was pretty decent. Watch it. I like the whole “new spy” open-ended thing going on there. It didn’t have the class synonymous with Bond…but it wasn’t short on action.
Centurion was pretty cool. Not worth the DVD though, if it’s still On Demand for you…do it.
The Expendables was a blast to watch, mainly because of all the cameo’s. All the best action hero’s were there and in top form. Definitely a guy film, the plot was cool, but seeing all those different A-List action people in there was just fun. The only guy missing was John Travolta…they should’ve made him a bad guy.

The summer finale of Burn Notice happened. I still haven’t made time to watch it (probably tonight)
Now I have to wait like a week or two for the other cable shows to kick back in…Sons of Anarchy baby!

Hope everyone had a great week. Loads of No More Stupid is coming! 😉