This is no longer about right and wrong for you…it is obviously about who you can squeeze for extra cash.

Because Google provides the world with more good in a day than you’re entire conglomerate pulls off in a year.

You want to make Google responsible for copyright infringement on content they are not responsible for…even within the scope of the law.

By your own argument, the internet is also responsible, since that is the true medium upon which the content is distributed and demonstrated.

By your own argument, the world is responsible for showing clips of your content…to itself.

By your own argument, you’re a hypocritical entity that is exploiting DMCA in order to recoup fictitious profits that cannot be proven in any court.

By your own argument, you are basically one very big retarded company that spends more money suing people than it does helping people.

I might not be logical. Hell I might not even be lawful. But that doesn’t stop me from being right.

The DMCA needs to go the way of the dodo so that the industry can reinvent itself and evolve, rather than prolong what it has already demonstrated clearly as the inevitable dissolution of a market you(Viacom) never fully had the grasp to contemplate.

I dislike you even more because there is a big gaping mountain of oil in the gulf and I am distracted enough to write about your lame claim that Google is responsible for policing YOUR content.