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What Social Media can’t do…

I’ve been reflecting on Social Media’s role in our personal relationships most of the night.

It’s an oddity that LinkedIn is even more adept than Facebook at suggesting people I never want to have anything to do with again as friends. But it’s even more disheartening when I am on the receiving end of the same apprehension there. Sometimes, you simply can’t make up for past mistakes, and I get that – there are limits to forgiveness.

We all make mistakes, we all develop bad habits and sometimes…sometimes we even unlearn them, and anyone that says they’ve never lost a friend out of neglect or disrespect is a liar, or too stupid or stubborn to admit it.

So a couple weeks ago, I removed over 300 people from my friends lists on Facebook as a first run of cleaning house. There were a few mistakes in there, and luckily they let me know and it’s been pretty copacetic since..except for one thing that bugs me. Why would I dump all those friends? Well, mainly because most of them weren’t friends..they were mainly acquaintances or people that I interacted with at some point or another…but friends? Not really.

After I was done it was pretty nice, I could post on my FB feed with a clear opinion and purpose and not be worried that the words would be taken out of context or reflect upon my business or work ethic. You see that is what it’s come down to. Social Media has limits. The boundaries that people have in associating themselves publicly may not in fact be the same boundaries they have with friends, loved ones, or other personal interests. But these same familial associations are of great value to Social Media, and so we have a thousand different methods of sharing out lives with the world, and thus presenting this user with a small social dilemma…

What do I do with all the people I feel obligated to keep on my friends list that might have “time-served” as a friend at some point but aren’t actually the friends I value? No, that sounds incredibly selfish. What about those friends and loved ones of mine, and what of those who still care for me? Worse still, those friends and acquaintances I still have that are “on the fence” about our friendship for some reason…I simply don’t know what to do with them. They don’t care for me so much that they aren’t given to speak to me unless cornered into it, but they like keeping tabs on what I do or talk about…

Yeah those guys. I guess that sort of makes them more fans and general interest than friends, eh?

Those people that can’t grow a pair and sever ties when it is blatantly obvious they should…those ones. I recently offered to throw a little work to someone I had heard lost his job in passing. Not because he was a friend but because it was the right thing to do, and even though he declined, I still honestly felt like the dude simply had no interest.

Yep…you guessed it. Removed him tonight….and others. Not because he declined my help, but because I had the impression that he’d have said no on principle even if he needed the hell out of it. I get it…you don’t have any respect for me. You certainly aren’t alone. At this point his actual perspective on this doesn’t matter anymore because my first impression on this is always going to make me not want to actually put forth the effort, when it isn’t going to prove I’ve changed. There are others, some that I still care for quite a bit, but unfortunately have become complacent with never speaking to me and rely on my newsfeed…which is specifically opposite of what I want from Facebook (family and friends).

So I come to the real reason for this post.

We’ve become so reliant on social media for our relationships that it’s bleeding into our social needs. Social Media doesn’t augment relationships, it exposes them, leaving us to make assumptions and decisions on relationships that unfortunately deserve a far more personal touch. I think that a number of these relationships are salvageable in person, but not so much via IM or Twitter or Facebook messages and posts.

I don’t know, I just seem to think there are better things to do than allow myself to dedicate so much time in my life to maintaining friendships online that should obviously be handled off the offline, because Social Media doesn’t replace a good heart-to-heart talk with your friends.


Holding a lot of hope for Haiti.

I’ve been reading / watching / listening to so much about Haiti today.

There’s such a huge potential for even more disaster. It’s not that I don’t think that they can’t be helped, it’s that I don’t think there’ll be enough.

A very important word in this tragedy is “infrastructure.” Fundamentally it’s the ability to maintain supplies of food, utilities, support and medical services at levels that sufficiently allow population centers to maintain themselves. Haiti’s infrastructure was knocked out in 30 minutes. The most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere lost what little ability it had to help it’s people. To the world’s credit, it stepped up and is converging and assisting on a very massive, very impressive scale.

But the sucky part about paying attention to world issues is the perspective you get after a while. Watching videos of this now…the reporters are nothing compared to the glimpses I spot everywhere of the indications of the trapped dead. I saw a video of a hotel that collapsed supposedly with a few American unaccounted for. That really is the hard part…when I see the video and immediately stop listening to the reporter because the body counts are spray painted on the structures in the background.

Let me repeat…listening to a grown man crying because he was told his daughter was already rescued when she actually wasn’t…and seeing the body counts spray-painted on the hotel she was staying in. It’s heart wrenching. I asked a good friend tonight if she thought me crazy for wanting to drop everything and head out there to help. Needless to say, I’ve got some kickass friends 😉

Anyhow there is an internal dilemma here. Aside from fund-raising efforts, which tend to suck because the really large assistance organizations also tend to get the least bang for their buck and smaller ones that aren’t effectual enough to accommodate disasters on their own, there are supply drives and such..but the voice of my conscience isn’t satisfied with that at all.

It makes me wonder how much cooler the world would be if society distinguished and rewarded it’s members based only on their contributions in humanitarian endeavors. I know…thinking waaaay too high here. But seriously…it’s a lofty goal that even if improbably attained, would still reward consistently any who aspired to it.

Anyhow. Bottom line. I think Haiti may need far more help to survive intact, and I think it may actually require that we reorganize and rethink our strategy in saving all those people.

Here are links in case you want to help out.