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Put a Ring On It!

No No No. Not me.

But my friend Michael Krivicka did (aka the bald guy from WhoIsTheBaldGuy.com)….and he did it in a truly amazing manner. Not only does Michael get a resounding congrats on his engagement, but he also get’s one for this truly awesome proposal. This proposal is also what will be used for the first episode of a new WEtv show called “Put a Ring On It”.

And finally…a HUGE hats off to Michael…since he is also the director of this new pilot.

Awesome job Michael, and like I said, I am totally calling you the next I want to pop the question.
Umm…not popping the question on YOU…to be clear…because you totally raised the bar for all your friends 😉

Everyman…by Joseph Wagoner…a big round of applause!!!

A short time ago, my friend Joe Wagoner was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award for 2007 by Poetry.com. I am publishing the poem here (with permission) since the display page for Joe’s piece is currently broken. A big round of congratulations for Joe and his award!!!