I have the best friends!

Let me start by saying my friends are awesome.They’ve been there for me so many times when they shouldn’t have that I am amazed I am still alive…no joke. Well, my friends still have an awesome sense of humor…as shown below. While I was away in New York having a blast. Kevin and Jaycee were having their way.

Hi, we're goobs that take funny pics in our friends cars.

A little too much Christmas fun...

So Kevin and Jaycee decided to go out and have an absolute blast. Of course it wouldnt be complete without them using my car πŸ˜‰ After a very long night…they passed out while driving it.

As everyone knows.

My friends have a sense of humor that dwarfs their love for me…

…sometimes πŸ˜‰

We're still goobs.

Kevin and Jaycee waking up in my car.

They said this was a pic of them waking up behind the wheel, but it was really when they realized what the look would be on my face after I found out πŸ˜‰