Monthly archives: August, 2009

To write for someone else…

I am considering taking up the pen & keyboard to compete for a spot as a writer for

Now I can’t tell you how much that would please me to actually have a J O B writing but the con is that I know unequivocally that I am going to end up trading in the glory of the very secure blue-collar paycheck in return for the enormously exaggerated fame of being a writer for a blog (i.e. broke).

Regardless, I encourage you to check out at, they are starting to get their strength in a very competitive arena.

I might even be inclined to contribute 😉


Anonymity is not so Anonymous anymore…

…at least not for us bloggers.

In my personal position I don’t exactly have a ton to lose. My name is in my tagline, however, a TON of friends and acquaintances are absolutely paranoid of it.

I kindof call this…KEYBOARD COURAGE.

Essentially it’s the willingness to do or say something online that you apparently lack the spine to do in person.

We all have them. Luckily for me the same guy you get at meeting or at work is the exact same guy you get online. The difference is I am not so silly to bitch about my job to 10000 people and not expect my employer to hear about it. I don’t have to gripe about my employer, they’re perfect, I am priveledged to be able to do 3 times the work of some of my colleagues over a gazillion hours a week, I get loads of vacation and sometimes even get to enjoy it without working! Sometimes I dont get calls weekends or have to cover for other slackers, and most importantly, my boss is by far the most complimenting and understanding boss I’ve ever had. 😉 I also have a couple bridges for sale too!

Bottom line. The role of government is coming close to ignoring it’s own limitations in IMHO. I skipped the part where you have to hide…some people are more paranoid about it. This is understandable…they’ve probably said or done something online that they are terrified of their employer or personal aquaintances finding out. Sucks having to livelike that, but whatever floats your boat…the government shouldnt have to be involved in the least unless a law is broken.

..and having an online handle or presence is far from being a crime.


Brain Dead Burger!!!

Okay so my friend Mike and his son Austin decide to see who’s going to win…

Austin, or the Burger from Hell….