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Being Libra…

You could be feeling some strong energy surges today, with the Moon thus aspected. It will probably be hard for you to stay settled at your desk. You won’t want to stay in one place because of the extra nervous energy. Try to go for some walks, and take frequent breaks throughout your day. Mix up the energy by talking with friends on the phone or surfing the Internet during your coffee break.

I think sheeple wrote this one. WTH do you think I do all day?! I fix servers…I smoke an occasional cig…I drink copious amounts of water, java, and green tea…and mix it up chatting with my friends and surfing. This is me daily.

ewwww…I didnt see the part about going for walks…hmmm…I’ll have to think about that.

OoooooH look something shiny!!!!

…..[crickets are chirping]…


by Perfect Circle (originally by John Lennon)

I read this story about a professor going nuts because circumstances obliterated his lifelong gambit in derailing the existence of a higher power. I’ve never once debated that existence, I debate the affinity religious leaders claim to have a monopoly of. I refute simply that unless these leaders can start resurrection, healing like clerics from fantasy novels, or provide a legitimate miracle…as so many through words and inspiration lead even more to perceive that same potential divine might without ever realizing a miracle. It’s not enough to simply talk, it’s not enough to inspire. A true spiritual leader would lead by example in action, experience, and moral piety, not just inspiring such from his sheeple.

OT: I couldn’t think of a better song to debut the media player plugin i just got rolling…;)

Ever wonder…

…why I always said that guy my mom married after we moved to Tejas (when I was a kid) was such a chode?

I could go over the very long list of abusive things he’d done directly to my mom and I, but quite frankly my memory is rather vivid and reliving most of the worst events in my life just doesn’t seem fun right now. What I will do -however- is treat you all to a very recent taste of the jerk…the loser…the criminal…the asshole…that was married to my mom, was the sole instigator in trashing most of my youth, and who apparently wasn’t satisfied with wasting mine and my mother’s lives.

Read this ARTICLE, then this ARTICLE.1

To be clear everyone…this guy is not my real father. Please don’t confuse the two. The person referenced in the article linked is Joe Cruz Martinez, who married my mom shortly after she and I moved to Tejas.



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  1. NOTE: The links provided here do not work anymore because the newpaper in question has archived the articles and charges for access to their archives. HERE is that link, you can read the articles on the asshat there if you like.