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Road to Nowhere

Road to Nowhere
by Bullet for my Valentine

It’s so weird. How long ago doesn’t matter now…a few years back, I’d made a hard decision. It was the kind of decision you make when a potential relationship presents itself that looks completely like a fast road to a not-so-quiet grave. So when I said no, it never occurred to me that she saw “us” me as a way to break away from living in a bottle, rather than my impression that it was an invitation to spend the rest of our days looking through tequila-stained glasses. Of course, after pushing away from the relationship, we rarely spoke, and when we did she was harsh. It hurt to end such a long relationship/friendship (we’d met in college), but it hurt even more about a year later, when we’d found out she’d taken her life. Why doesn’t matter. What matters is this ominous feeling that I could have helped more, I could have not been oblivious, I could have not been such a hardass, I could have been the rope she needed to pull herself out of the rut she was in, rather than the rope she’d use to end it.



by Perfect Circle (originally by John Lennon)

I read this story about a professor going nuts because circumstances obliterated his lifelong gambit in derailing the existence of a higher power. I’ve never once debated that existence, I debate the affinity religious leaders claim to have a monopoly of. I refute simply that unless these leaders can start resurrection, healing like clerics from fantasy novels, or provide a legitimate miracle…as so many through words and inspiration lead even more to perceive that same potential divine might without ever realizing a miracle. It’s not enough to simply talk, it’s not enough to inspire. A true spiritual leader would lead by example in action, experience, and moral piety, not just inspiring such from his sheeple.

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My Trusty Pair of Uzi’s

The title says it all. What?! Tony?! with….guns?!


This pair of Uzi’s are as dear to me as my Sabres Cap. Why? Well…that’s the cool part. They are the means to an end. To what end?

They keep my dreams from getting too far out of hand.

When I was younger, I had serious night-terror problems. If you don’t know what they are, easiest to say that they are dreams that cause a person to go into a panic attack. They cause insomnia, schizophrenia, and loads of other stress related issues in people a lot more often than most realize.

Most people actually grow out of the problem, however with assistance the resolution to the problem is realized far far faster that without. What kind of assistance? Simple. Dream coaching. You may laugh now, but since learning the how-to’s, I haven’t had a night terror that put me even remotely out of sorts. Now, I am not talking about the removal of all nightmares ever. It doesn’t work that way. What the process does is either provide a medium for immediate resolution within the dream or reinforces the subconscious and stop scenarios that would cause panic altogether.

We’re talking about YOUR dreams. Your imagination, your fears, your ambitions. Your id. Your sub-conscious. You have to simply understand yourself a little and build on it. The process begins with finding an anchor. When you dream you’re going to try and find yourself wearing a certain piece of jewelry, certain clothes, a watch, a lucky rock…whatever…what it is doesn’t matter. Seriously, it should be something that doesn’t matter at all and wouldn’t help you in the least…even if you had MacGyver with you to get out of the situation. Something that just happens to be part of the picture you’re painting in your dreams.

From here, the foundation comes into being. You mind already knows it can create at a whim in the dream now. The next step is to simply make what you want in the dream. Learning control in your dreams is liberating. You can do what you want, when you want, where you want…and even with who you want **winkwink**. Your fears will always present themselves in your dreams, but now you’re capable of resolving your issues without therapy 😉

I know…it sounds hokey, but it worked for me, and a lot of others I’ve worked with on it. Questions? Give me a call and we can go over simple exercises to build on self control. They aren’t hard. Take care!