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God says you hold no virtue…

Let me start by saying this isn’t what the title implies….well…sort of. Allow me to explain.

A couple days ago…my stats engine tells me someone googled “god says you have no virtue”….and my awesome little patch of the internet came up 4th on the list.

One could easily rationalize this as a *good* thing right?


Okay…amusement over…back to holding no virtue.

Sorry Reetz…

As much as I’ve enjoyed the place, after last night…it’s just not going to be the Friday night thing anymore. I love meeting with my friends on Friday night…we’ve been doing the same place a while. Unfortunately…it’s karaoke night there on Fridays. Most of the time you can have a conversation, but not within a group. Dave and I were at Chase…why? …well…to be honest…it’s far more quiet…service is ten times better…and the tab is even cheaper (and the food is ..as of today…better than any bar food ..including Dinks than that of any other I’ve had…which is nooooo small amount.) Anyhow, Greg is at Reetz…Dave and I mull it over and friends are more important than venue so we decide to head out to Reetz. Long story short…having an entire table of drinks…and the glass shattering containing those drinks sprayed all over me, and subsequently having to assist the asshat out of the building…it gets even better. As the staff is ushering me back into the bar after the guy gets tossed out…I started finding glass…

…get back to my table to find my cell phone ruined…my cigarettes soaked (not really a bad thing I know but inconvenient for the occasion)…and then realized the front of my shorts and both my legs are covered in beer.

I go to wash up.

Come back…all the friends that were the reason for our showing up are leaving.

Go looking for replacement drinks…fifteen minutes…

Not once did management even show up to toss the guy, talk to the customers…nada…

So…thats it. Done.

If you want to keep patrons and regular business, you have to show it. Not taking action to ensure a safe environment and not taking measures to ensure you want those patrons back is simply bad management.

Chase Place however, offers better scenery, food, people, service and tabs. No tough decision-making on this…;)


Lurkers and Trolls…

Dear Potential Trolls,

Look, I love feedback. No really, I do. And honestly, most of the feedback I get is constructive, thats fine…I am in no manner perfect, and I listen to it. My writing is improving…fast. And gods know it needs to, I am writing a novel, it wouldn’t do to have said work sit in post-edit for a year because I didn’t take the liberty to listen to others’ input.

However…if you are a potential Troll that has found his or her sole purpose in life to be bitching about other people’s modus oris, you fail…you not only fail, you’re quite unoriginal at this particular form of failure. You see, for every person you give yourself the worm-n-fuzzies over for reading your little rant, there are hundreds or thousands reading this one. Effectively appealing tooo a more base sense of human justice whereby people consider methods of p[roving me right…and you very very wrong.

So…go get published…then go get syndicated…then start speaking for the masses, until then, you’re still just the guy being an ass in the back of the class. Have fun with that…at least until the other 10000 readers consider looking you up and and walking their dog on your lawn 😉

Sleep well!