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God says you hold no virtue…

Let me start by saying this isn’t what the title implies….well…sort of. Allow me to explain.

A couple days ago…my stats engine tells me someone googled “god says you have no virtue”….and my awesome little patch of the internet came up 4th on the list.

One could easily rationalize this as a *good* thing right?


Okay…amusement over…back to holding no virtue.


by Perfect Circle (originally by John Lennon)

I read this story about a professor going nuts because circumstances obliterated his lifelong gambit in derailing the existence of a higher power. I’ve never once debated that existence, I debate the affinity religious leaders claim to have a monopoly of. I refute simply that unless these leaders can start resurrection, healing like clerics from fantasy novels, or provide a legitimate miracle…as so many through words and inspiration lead even more to perceive that same potential divine might without ever realizing a miracle. It’s not enough to simply talk, it’s not enough to inspire. A true spiritual leader would lead by example in action, experience, and moral piety, not just inspiring such from his sheeple.

OT: I couldn’t think of a better song to debut the media player plugin i just got rolling…;)