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God says you hold no virtue…

Let me start by saying this isn’t what the title implies….well…sort of. Allow me to explain.

A couple days ago…my stats engine tells me someone googled “god says you have no virtue”….and my awesome little patch of the internet came up 4th on the list.

One could easily rationalize this as a *good* thing right?


Okay…amusement over…back to holding no virtue.

Transcendence…and Chevelle.

Transcendence …it’s a pretty big word. According to the Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary is attributed as follows…
Tran*scend”ence\ (-ens), Transcendency \Tran*scend”en*cy\ (-en*s[y^]), [Cf. L. transcendentia, F. transcendance.]

  • 1. The quality or state of being transcendent; superior excellence; supereminence.
    The Augustinian theology rests upon the transcendence of Deity at its controlling principle.” –A. V. G. Allen.
  • 2. Elevation above truth; exaggeration. [Obs.] “Where transcendencies are more allowed.” -Bacon.

Now you’re thinking…”What the ^%#$ is Tony on a tangent about?”