Monthly archives: December, 2009

A funny little ornament…

My mother has very disturbing Christmas ornament…

…it’s a Penguin …on a sleigh…shitting Jelly Beans. Yes…the jelly beans drop out of its rear.

That is all, just had to share 😉


Nat’s Project for Awesome Video!!!

Okay, real simple.

Suicide is a huge insane abysmal problem and one that in the last year I’ve had to deal with so many times I’ve lost joke…I have lost count.

While this video is an Australian initiative, it’s message and goal can easily be realized globally. I was a big fan of Nat before I saw this vid, afterward..suffice to say I have a load of respect for her now. Watch the vid, talk to your friends. Talk to everyone. Just TALK to each other. Can’t say much more without getting POed, so everyone have a good night…and I said watch the vid right? Good!

Chuck and The Big Bang…

I learn something new about Chuck Norris at work every day…

Phil (11:03:45 AM): I bet Chuck created the big bang theory with a roundhouse or something

Rob (11:04:36 AM): Scientists are just now putting that together. All us CN fans are like, duh…

Rob (11:11:58 AM): Chuck once roundhouse-kicked a 20-dollar bill into 200 nickels.
Phil (11:39:25 AM): just now noticed, but thats only $10
Phil (11:39:29 AM): not $20
Rob (11:42:08 AM): AND? Are you questioning Chuck? Of course, there’s going to be some loss in the matter conversion, stupid!

Sometimes this place is great 😉