Monthly archives: April, 2009


Mighty Cool…thats about all I can say.

Miracles happen!

So…some of you know…some of you didn’t. Multiple Sclerosis is scary, elusive, and unpredictable…and very painful to even get diagnosed. My mother was diagnosed with MS over ten years ago and it’s been a struggle that she’s kept her chin up about all this time…

Well…treatments weren’t effective…I don’t have all the details…but the bottom line is that lately she’s been hurting pretty bad. As a matter of fact, the doctor were even more concerned that she was a victim of both MS and Lupus combined.

This is where luck came in.

They decided to retest and see what was missed in diagnosis.

As it happens…it’s not MS…it’s Pernicious anemia(WIKI)

Treatable, and far far more forgiving 😉

It’s a good day 😉