Monthly archives: November, 2008

Being Libra…


You might feel like tidying things up around your home today, Tony. You don’t much like to clean, but even you might finally be noticing the dust or the grime that is creeping in around the edges of your life! It could be time for some real scouring and scrubbing. Get down into the dirt and disinfect everything. You’ll be clearing out some old, stale energy while you do this. You’ll feel better when it’s done!

As stated numerous times before. Horoscopes are evil.

Today, things are a bit difficult as far as your emotional relationships are concerned, dear Tony. The Emperor and the High Priestess give you an air of authority that could threaten the balance of your emotional life. You need to adopt a calmer attitude and open yourself up to others if you don’t want the day to end up with everyone in a bad mood. As far as work is concerned, today is going to be a totally uneventful and uninspiring day – it will feel like sailing on a day without a breeze. With the High Priestess and Justice governing, your professional environment although perfectly balanced, lacks dynamism. You might as well take this opportunity to think calmly about your future prospects. It may not be the most exciting thing to do, but you need to sow the seeds before you can harvest.


Goodbye my friend.

That about sums it up.

Found out earlier that an old bud died earlier today…erm Saturday(it’s sunday now…hadnt noticed). How it happened just makes it all that much hard to deal with.

I was…am..still stunned.

I will probably write more about it…for me more than anything else….

This one struck me like a brick wall…so much I didnt want to know more….I literally got sick…still am.

I dont even know what to say…you’d think I could handle this crap by now.

not sure about anything.



Barack Obama is our next President!!!!!!!!!

367 to 156
(at least that is what it looks like at the moment, with a variance of only 29)


Personally, I disapprove of political parties, but this is a best case scenario for a nation of voters deciding undeniably that they want action taken and have no desire for traditional smear and smoke.

Vivat Senator..erm…President Elect Obama!!!!