Monthly archives: October, 2008

Raise It Up

By Jamia Simone Nash & Impact Repertory Theatre

There was so much happening in this movie (August Rush) that I honestly had to prioritize what I would pay attention to each time I watched it. The music was nothing short of phenomenal, and the plot wasn’t shabby at all either. In one two hour movie I became a fan of Kaki King, Impact…and a no few others. Highly recommended, both the soundtrack and the movie. Reminds me alot of of the Romeo & Juliet remake with Claire Danes and Leonardo DeCaprio…the music was such an integral part of the movie it made you move

Bizarre Love Triangle

Performed By Frente, Written and Originally Performed by New Order

Not sure what it was about this song. Oh wait. 😉 I remember … I picked a great girl up at this concert…hmmm…that was Violent Femmes and Frente was opening up…and of course blew it with that great girl only a week or two later. Live and learn eh? Makes the song even more fitting… 😉

Dead Car.

Yep…my car…’tis dead.

Haven’t decided to resurrect it or not. If I decide not…it may be a few weeks before I have a car again.

If I decide to resurrect it, I will have locked myself into the same horrible cycle where i spend the extra money that should be going into a new car repairing the old and rickety one.