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No means No.

The phrase rings true…always…

…unless of course we’re speaking of our representative government. A resounding “HELL NO” is the opinion of the nation, yet the only members of our government that seem to feel this is relevant is the House…and even then…somehow…a large number still voted in favor.

YO! HOUSE REPS! WTF?! ISN’T IT YOUR JOB TO REPRESENT OUR WISHES?! I haven’t met a single person that is in favor of this bill. This includes three friends that lost their houses to variable interest rate mortgages.

Of what do I speak? I speak of the no vote in the House of Representatives blocking “The Bailout Bill” designed to buffer a collapse in the real estate market.

One problem…thats not where the money is proposed to go.

This is fast becoming utter bull&%$.

I rarely agree with Lou Dobbs, but he is right. The solution here isnt handing over almost a trillion dollars with next to zero oversight…it’s regulatory.

In a play to exploit the real estate market, an insane amount of variable interest mortgages are doled out like candy with ZERO regard as to the repercussions a few years down the road. This was a risk the mortgage companies took…and one they should be responsible for…not the taxpayers.

Here’s an idea. If our representative government is so damn stupid about spending all that money…why not bail out the people defaulting, rather than the lending institutions. Whats the difference? The individual interest of the people rarely extends to saving companies that repeatedly overreach themselves. They are however very interested in seeing their friend and loves ones back in their homes and safe.

So…no offense…but screw your lending institutions…put those companies out of business (which is what they deserve for being so greedy) and spend the money getting people back into their homes or for jobs, etc.


/rant over!


by Ashes Divide

It’s been a pretty low-key morning. I am working from home for the next week, so it means no real priorities on me for the apartment. I get to read, work on the novel…relax…read the news. Well, from my previous post you can already tell I read the news. Man, I honestly have to say it’s just sad when people sell out their own family for a little scratch to the media. The problem is that when you actually do want to say something…even scream it at the top of your lungs…only the ears of friends and family are prepared to listen…and the cycle begins again. Ugh.

700 Billion…right in the sinker.

So they’re going to do it, even though Wall Street is financially responsible, the taxpayer gets to foot the ill for corporate irresponsibility.

oi, whoever the brainiac was that came up with variable interest rate mortgages need to be strung up my their toes until THEY come up with a way to fix this with their own money rather than ours.

Anyhow…heres the news on it.