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Making the right point…with a gun.

Most of my readers already know, I may not have been born in Texas. But I feel like I was born to live here.

Not many people outside the state understand the responsibility and freedom inherent in living here and supporting the state. Many people not altogether mistakenly consider us a bunch of gun-toting loons bent on revolution.

The reality of it is half-truths are closer than the jokes.

I am a huge supporter of the Second Amendment. That said, I think registering guns to owners is essential, and making them illegal in the hands of criminals just the same.

What I don’t understand is under what premise does gun control past what is described above find solid ground?

A friend of mine linked this in FB tonight and I had to share it. It’s spot-on accurate and I fully support the point she makes…and most importantly her last statement.

A new bigger better spin on ‘Paparazzi’

This might be the only time I’ve ever heard the word ‘Paparazzi’ and not wanted to punch people for exploiting the rights of the media. Seriously, I have to give prop’s for this. Lady Gaga‘s music unfortunately isn’t exactly my favorite, but her lyrics and songwriting are actually extremely good. HOLY CRAP SMELLS LIKE ROSES…does her music come out awesome when some other talented musicians get their hands on it. Have a listen.

One example is in the recent post to YouTube by Greyson Michael Chance of his recent performance.

Check this out. This is how you land a music deal. 😉

FOX News even picked his story up later (link HERE).

Lyrics here…

The best (non)smoking video…ever.

…first…the video…

I have to say this is the best one from Michael yet…

This video is all from Michael Krivicka (aka – the bald guy from whoisthebaldguy.com), he has a a hoard of ideas and he does more than let them sit dormant 😉 He let’s them rip from his own blog via YouTube. I’ve been a fan for a while now and his skills are really starting to show. Watch the video 😉

If you want to see more of his work, he’s not hard to find at all.