…to finish reading what is quite possibly the longest, most addictive, literary series I’ve ever read (thats saying a lot).

It seems in order to truly finish this series properly, Brandon Sanderson is carrying Robert Jordan’s torch through another 3 novels. It’s not like I’m not already used to this, specifically regarding this series, the same thing happened with Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn by Tad Williams. Williams made the audience wait a full three years to finish it, pumping out a humongous book easily on par with the largest Wheel of Time volumes.

But you know what, I am not bitter…there are thousands of books I want to read…so if I have to read a few others while very impatiently waiting for Mr. Sanderson to finish this up, no biggie…since I need to read all of his stuff beforehand so I am not totally miffed at the transition from Jordan.

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