Yes, something funny always presents itself when you least expect it.

So it was a good night. We went to see a play at One Day Only, had a beer at Nick’s Grill, and then went to hang out with some friends that live pretty close to the casa.

So we’re sitting outside lounging next to a pool and generally relaxing, and I noticed my buddy Kevin had been gone for a few minutes, but the conversation was good so didn’t think anything of it.

So a few more minutes go by and Kevin finally comes back out and he seems a bit exasperated…

“I texted you Tony” he says as he sat back down with us, “Heather is there some trick to unjamming you bathroom door?”

So as he says that I am reaching for my phone, and got this:

My roomie kevin got trapped in a bathroom ;)

The really funny part is when Kevin realized he was trapped in the bathroom, he also realized that the toilet was about to overflow…