Yep…it happened. A burglar finally chose the WRONG house.
Took a few swipes from a frightened teenager with a sword.
Now authorities are seriously considering charging the teenager.
If you want details, I suggest skipping CNN and CBS, and go to the Baltimore Sun article, it has far more information.

Authorities are determining whether the student will face criminal charges, Guglielmi said.

Police are interviewing the student and his three roommates and are talking to prosecutors about whether to file charges.

Okay…CNN’s artice is a joke and makes you totally clueless as to what is happening…

CBS pulls a CNN, and leaves us with even MORE questions…

…but THEN…to the readers rescue…comes some diligent journalism and research…kudos to By Brent Jones, Liz F. Kay and Jill Rosen from the Baltimore Sun on a VERY spot-on job.,0,114199.story

…and to be clear…In Texas, this teenager would be getting a big pat on the back right now…not facing possible charges.
An environment where the victim could EVER be legally liable for defending his home and friends is unthinkable. I really hope this kid doesnt have to go through the system because he killed a guy defending his home.