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Hahaha…too funny! Please watch!

Michelle posted this as her bulletin titled:
No…it wasn’t actually me, nor was it actually Amtgard, but it was frickin hilarious to find out that my more mundanian friends thought this was what I do…

Worn out…..

Okay, it’s pretty common knowledge that I’ve been up late alot working on the new Kingdom content management system for the all the local parks n stuff.

It’s wearing me out, but I am almost DONE!

One park template is done except for the heraldry graphic (which has to be tight or it doesnt go up). The current stuff is funky enough as it is without my adding worse stuff to it 😉

Anyhow…also debuting is my blog-site’s cross posting plugin for myspace. Basicly what this does is sends a short clip and link to my ms account so when i post to my blog site everyone subscribed to my myspace blog will know and can come running over to TonyTown to see what is going on 😉


That is all, I am pooped. I need booty, a good nights sleep, and…nope thats about it!

Night all…

World Banner Wars…

aka..My Swank-Ass Birthday & Peanut Gallery Party.

It’s started!!! I cant wait until Saturday…so many old friends. I’ve got a lunch to do on Friday that’ll let me spend some quality time with my Amtgard family. At the campground…400+ people there for nothing more than a good time…and the #1 Team Tourney in the organization.

You bet your ass there will be pics!