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Things you forget when you haven’t been to the mountains in over a decade.

Tony gets altitude sickness.Tony shouldn’t drink at high altitudes…ever. Tony cant eat when he’s at high altitudes…especially after drinking alot. I couldnt eat for two days straight.
Tony shouldnt try to take shortcuts up and/or down a mountain while drunk, so sayeth the many trees and hay-bales that collided with him on his way down the mountain.

By far the most embarrassing (for me) Amtgard event in my life.


Rakis bound….

My first Rakis. This should be totally fun. And rumor has it, a special prize awaits…

This event is scheduled around….shit..I will enter it later.
*evil grin*

Amtgard season begins.

I know..”most” people arent thinking of Amtgard and SCA when the weather warms up, but I have been doing this stuff for a long time. Here’s what I have planned so far…it’s not all just about beating down the enemies on the field…;)
2x Habitat for Humanity Building Events.
2x Household Workshops
3x Amtgard events (weekend long)
4x Fighting Company Workshops
and lastly, I am going to force myself to show for at least 8 more Green Dragon Skirmishes before summer is out.

So…what does all this mean?

It means if I get a girlfriend that expects to see me more than a couple days a week…there will be…trouble. 😉
Not really, but it’s sorta fun not dating and just being involved in something bigger than just me 😉