For Andy.

A monument,
I see it, it stands among a multitude of others
yet is cherished for it’s inspiration and it stoic ideals implied

Standing tall
If for only a short time lending memory, and loyalty
Yet now so silent a companion

Shining light
That presence of mind releases it bonds
spreads his wings and soars among the stars

What shines in life, whose words ring true
Will continue to warm and illuminate long after passing.

Spread your wings
We’ll always hear your song in the wind
And always look to you in the stars.

You will always be with us brother.

A lot of friends have asked about this…last night a very dear friend took his own life with little warning, with no opportunity to intervene.
I can’t stand the idea of suicide, and think it’s the biggest cop-out a person can choose to make. Andy and I have been friends and brothers for well over a decade and I just cant imagine not being able to see him or talk to him again. There lie what details I am willing to give without freaking out.