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The Arms of Sorrow

By Killswitch Engage

So, I made myself a prisoner to my own failings for a week. Remnants of which I am sure will maintain an intimate relationship with me. I have fallen upon my own music, listening to the stuff I don’t listen to as much but give leave to be heard when I am in poor spirits. I am finally learning what it’s like to place blame rather than justly hold accountable…and most importantly, to never permit another friend to convince themselves that suicide is ever an option.

Man I have counseled tons of kids about this, and as we get older we finally get that thin safety rope of purpose, hope and ambition pulling us into the right place. It’s like winning a war…I don’t know…I just know that I am staunch and unwilling to go through this again, and pray that people seek help in times of need rather than driving themselves to unnecessary decisions. So…on the note…here you go…a little taste of the harder stuff, the Angsty Tony…whose just annoyed enough to not care if you like the song or not 😉

Andy’s Memorial Service

On Sunday, February 15th at 2PM, we will gather in memory of Andy (Zig) Buettner.

Per the family’s wishes, this Memorial will be held at Tanglewood Forest, where his ashes will be given to the land he cherished so much.

I have one person riding with me, and have room for two more if necessary, so let me know if you need a ride.


Andy’s Wake

This Saturday at 4pm a wake will be hosted for Andy “Zig” Buettner. This is NOT his funeral service. This is an informal wake to celebrate his life and share our memories and support with those he left behind. Please bring your stories, your drinks, and anything you want to throw on the grill (we will be making BBQ chicken and vegetable stew but bring anything else you want) and let’s have a celebration to honor Andy’s memory.

The wake will be in near Corsicana,TX at Tanglewood Forest.1

Many friends and loved ones are traveling for this gathering and we’d love to see you there to share in celebration and memory.

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a shout.


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  1. Details for location and directions to Tanglewood Forest can be found HERE