Birthday 2006!!!!

Too much fun!!!

So my birthday went off without one hitch…

I got more birthday  well-wishing than I have since I missed my own surprise birthday party in like ’98 😉

I had a horribly expensive lunch with loads of old friends at Fogo.

I got loads of affection. No kiss…no tell…just lots and lots of thank-you’s.

I got enough spectacular fighting and pointers in one Amtgard event to last me another year 😉

And finally, for ignoring my dietary constraints, drinking, eating at least 4 pounds of meat with only gatorade and alcohol to wash it down…I got the worst arthritis attacks in my life.

I can barely walk. It hurts to even look at my foot. And it’s not likely to get better for days.

I wouldnt have it any other way. I had a blast 😉 I just wish my meds worked better. 😉