Heh…well..to me anyhow.

I am not very big on autographs or getting my picture taken with famous people.


For some reason I dig the hell out of books my Robert Jordan that have been signed. When Mr. Rigney left us, I cried. Not only because his masterpiece series The Wheel of Time was not yet complete, but because my stupid obsession with getting autographed copies of his work was at an end, Without a profound sense of being incomplete…I stopped rereading the books. Weird eh?

Once I knew the 12th book The Gathering Storm was in publication, it was only a few days before I found this…and today it was finally delivered.

Look, I know that it isn’t really RJ’s signature, but Brandon Sanderson’s IS, and seeing their scribbles next to each other made my crazy ass sane again 😉

/OCD off